How do I clean the keyboard?
Keyboard - our main means of "communication" with the computer. Keyboards are different: from simple, containing the minimum number of keys required, to "heaped" with touch panels, scrolls, additional keys.

No matter what keyboard you areuse, from time to time it must be cleaned. After all, on any keyboard, not only dust, dirt and crumbs accumulate, but also a multitude of microbes that are not at all safe for our health.

Most A common way to clean the keyboard Is to disassemble it into details, and each of themclean separately. The method is really effective, but it is very long and tedious, and therefore not suitable for frequent use. In addition, this method is not always suitable for cleaning keyboards in laptops, because if the keyboard is incorrectly assembled / disassembled, the keyboard may cause a breakdown of the entire notebook.

Therefore, there are several other ways to clean the keyboard of dirt, without resorting to disassembly:

  1. Cleaning the keyboard with a vacuum cleaner, air compressor, compressed air tankair. This method allows you to "blow out" of the keyboard dust and crumbs, but the sticky dirt stays in place. It should be remembered that the blowdown power should be sufficient to eliminate the dust, but not excessive.

  2. Cleaning the surface of the keyboard with alcohol. To remove dirt stains (for example, from jam,chocolate, etc.), you need to gently wipe the problem areas with an alcohol-soaked soft cloth and allow the keyboard to dry. However, one must be careful with alcohol - too much zeal will erase not only dirt, but also inscriptions on the keys.

  3. Cleaning with sticky sticky stickers. This is a method for quickly clearing keys from naplesheydirt, but it is suitable only for small areas, and not for the entire keyboard. After all, the whole keyboard will have to spend a lot of leaves, in addition, it's very long.

  4. Cleaning the hairdryer. As an alternative to a vacuum cleaner or air cleanerthe compressor can use a conventional hair dryer. This is really fast and effective way, but provided that the hair dryer is powerful and equipped with a button of "cold" mode. After all, if you "blow" intensely on the keyboard with a hot air stream, this can lead to a breakdown of the keyboard.

  5. Cleaning with an adhesive tape. This method operates on the same principle as the sticky sticker method. It is necessary to cut a few pieces of adhesive tape and consistently walk through all the keys.

The methods described are suitable for periodiccleaning of "light" contaminants. In "difficult" cases, it is best to clean the keyboard if you remove the keys. With a screwdriver, the keys "podkovyrivayutsya" and removed from their nests, and then washed in a soap solution, dried and installed in place. The "inside" of the keyboard (ie the space under the keys) should be cleaned of dust and other contaminants with a brush or brush, a soft dry cloth.

A little trick: keyboard is mandatory before removing the keystake a picture or somehow fix the correct arrangement of the keys in a different way. To do this, you can also print a photo of the keyboard, take as an example a second keyboard, on the monitor screen, open the keyboard image or virtual keyboard. Now the installation of keys in place will not take much time.

How do I clean the keyboard?
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