Kinds of fitness: upper body
To date, various fitness clubs offer a wide range of fitness options. For example, one of the popular types of fitness is upper body - a special power complex, aimed at developing the muscles of the upper body. What are the features of the upper body fitness?

In the upper body training is directed to the muscles of the shoulder girdle and arms, the muscles of the press and back. Exercises of the upper body develop muscle strength,improve blood circulation in tissues. Well, the upper body complex helps in the fight against the imperfections of the figure: thanks to the upper body, the waist can be made more slim, and the stomach - flat.

Classes upper body pass fairly intensively, so those who are just starting to this complex, it is recommended to practice aerobics beforehand in order to prepare your body for such loads.

In the upper body, various sports equipment is used: dumbbells, bodybuilders, step-platforms, rubber shock absorbers, medbola balls, etc. Usually occupation lasts 45-55 minutes. As a rule, aerobic warm-up is not supposed: warm-up is immediately performed on the equipment. Weight weighting when working in upper body classes is selected in accordance with the level of training.

So, for beginners it is recommended to start training with lightweight power equipment, for example, dumbbells. People who already have some experience of strength training, it is useful to use the equipment of more weight, while selecting equipment is strictly individual.

You can practice upper body both in the fitness club and at home. In the club, the coach will help to make an optimal training plan, will give an instruction on working with power equipment. At home, you have to be yourself a coach.

For home upper body exercises you need dumbbells, as well as "iron" willpower, because sometimesgetting yourself into it is difficult. You can help yourself by making a schedule and placing it in a prominent place. Every time a calendar with marked days, for example, a bright marker of training days, will fall into the field of view, you can remember the need to study.

Training the upper body is worth 3 times a week, although under the individual recommendation of the coachthe number of lessons can be changed. For complete restoration of muscles after each lesson, it takes at least 48 hours, so it is possible to give stress to the lower part of the body during breaks between sessions or to arrange cardio workouts.

Here are some examples upper body exercises with dumbbells at home.

Exercise for biceps. Exercise is performed while standing. The heels are shifted together, the socks are slightly apart, hands are placed along the body with the palms facing forward. Taking each hand on the dumbbell, you should alternately bend your arms at the elbow joint. The exercise is performed at an average pace. The number of repetitions is 20-30 times for each hand.

Exercise for triceps and forearm muscles. Exercise is performed while standing. The heels are shifted together, the socks are extended at an angle of no more than 45 degrees, the arms are arranged along the body, without tension. Taking each dumbbell in each hand, you should lift your arms to your shoulders at the expense of the dumbbells (dumbbells should touch the shoulders), at the expense of two - raise your hands up ("squeeze"), into the account three - again lower to the shoulders and to the account 4 - return the hands in the starting position. Exercise is repeated 15-35 times, it should be performed at an average pace.

Exercise for deltoid and pectoral muscles. The starting position is the same as in the previousexercises, but hands are raised forward to the height of the shoulders. The palms "look" inside. At the expense of times straight hands (with dumbbells) to spread apart and rise on your toes, at the expense of two - to return your hands to their original position. Exercise to perform at an average pace, repeat 8-12 times.

Exercise for the muscles of the back. Exercise is performed while standing. Legs are widely spaced, in the hands to take dumbbells and lift up. On exhalation, tilt the body forward, without bending legs, on inhalation - straighten. Exercise to perform at an average pace, repeat 10-12 times.

Exercise for abdominal muscles. The exercise is done sitting: it is necessary to sit on a chair, and to get the toes of the feet for a table, a bed or a sofa, hands to raise to the shoulders. At the expense of the case tilt back, at the expense of two - to return to the starting position. Perform the exercise at a slow pace. Repeat 8-10 times.

Kinds of fitness: upper body
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