Types of fitness: step aerobics
There are several types of aerobics. Among them, aqua aerobics, slide aerobics, cyclic aerobics, funk aerobics, and, of course, step aerobics. Why does this aerobics have such a name? In general, in translation from English "step" (step) means step.

But the title is not translated literally. Just A special small platform is used for classes, which is called "step". Its height is from 15 to 30 cm, and they select such a platform, depending on the level of sports training. Those who have just started practicing step aerobics will approach the height of 15-20 cm, and for "advanced" you can 30 cm. On this platform you must first climb, and then go down to the rhythm of the music, the exercises are usually combined with dance movements and elements of the eastern gymnastics.

The creator of step aerobics is the American bodybuilding champion Gina Miller. She invented it as a rehabilitationsystem after a knee injury. Step aerobics quickly became popular, today it is included in the fitness programs of sports clubs in more than 50 countries. Sports physicians and physiotherapists say that This type of aerobics is well suited for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis and arthritis, as well as to strengthen the muscles of the legs and recover from injuries to the knees or lower leg.

Exercises in the steppe Simple, therefore suitable for people of differentage. They perfectly improve the figure, especially the shape of the hips and buttocks. And, using weighting (dumbbells) weighing up to two kilograms, you can strengthen the muscles of the shoulder girdle. Step aerobics classes will allow you to harmoniously develop your body, and not to pump up a specific muscle group, and also to acquire a beautiful posture and to develop beautiful, expressive and precise movements.

Step aerobics is one of the fastestways to refine your waist, although the main part of the body being trained will still be legs that will become slender and strong. At the same time, cardiovascular, respiratory systems are trained, metabolism is improved, the layer of subcutaneous fat is burned, coordination, joint mobility develops, psychological stress is removed. This method of training is most suitable for active and emotional people.

The usual step-aerobic exercise lasts about 50 minutes, for this time 250-400 calories are burnt. Step aerobics is not recommended for people with a weak cardiovascular system. And also those who have problems with the spine (osteochondrosis, scoliosis). Those suffering from varicose veins should wear tight pantyhose on the steppe and exclude jumps from the program.

In principle, the steppe uses the sameexercises, as in classical gymnastics. They are aimed at training the muscles of the heart, developing better coordination of movements. But there is one important difference between steppe and classical gymnastics. This is that, by performing similar exercises, but by lifting to the platform, you can achieve a much higher load and, accordingly, a faster result. Determined that every 5 cm "plus in height" step-platform gives an additional 12% of the load.

Here several rules for successful aerobics classes. Lifting to the platform is carried out at the expense of the legs, andnot back; The foot should be placed on the platform completely; Always keep your back straight; do not make sudden movements; Do not move with the same foot or arm for more than a minute; half an hour before classes you need to drink 1-2 glasses of water or, as necessary, take a few sips between exercises.

Types of fitness: step aerobics

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