If you are cold or frostbitten- Warm the affected area of ​​the body in a warm room, but "no hands"!

- Never rub the frost-bitten areas of the body with your hands. tissues, alcohol and even more so - snow.

- At the general supercooling of the person it is necessary to wrap up in a warm blanket. When frostbite, wrap the affected part of the body - apply 7 layers of heat-insulating cotton-gauze dressings for heat.

- If the hand or foot is frostbitten, it can be warmed upin the bath, gradually increasing the water temperature from +20 to +40 degrees, and gently massage the frostbitten limb for 40 minutes. On the inside surface of the shoulder or hip, you can additionally put a warm water bottle.

- The victim is recommended a plentiful drink - for example, sweet tea, but in no case - neither alcohol nor coffee.

- Be especially careful if you are very cold or frostbitten: a sharp blow to the narrowed vessels can lead to their rupture, internal hemorrhages, disturbances in the work of the heart.

- It is best to calm the victim of hypothermia or frostbite with a tincture of valerian or motherwort. You can take an anesthetic, for example, analgin.

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