Stimpank and klokpank styles that glorify idealsand the fashion of the Victorian era, generously flavored with mechanical inventions, gears and fantastic steam engines, are now more popular than ever, especially in clothing and accessories - including such as stationery. Steampunk returns the love of multifunctional, practical things, and this pen-key, which can become a suspension, is just one of them.

What will you need?

To make such a pen-key, take:

necessary materials

  • old, unnecessary and / or not working large hours;

  • ballpoint pen with a thick metal rod;

  • Sandpaper or a cleaner for varnish and cotton;

  • nippers (optional);

  • wire (as temporary fastening);

  • screwdriver;

  • thick connecting ring, small hook.

  • You may also need bolts of different sizes, nuts and thin metal washers, if they are not in the clock (or will be small).

Step-by-step instruction

  1. Disassemble the clock.

    • large gear;

    • large and thin metal springs;

    • a small spring (if you can not get it from the clock, take it and cut off the spring from the handle or any other);

    • pin with gear for plant or control arrows;

    • elongated, small detail, usually used in the mechanism of the alarm clock (if your clock had such a function, if not - any longer bolt fit);

    • 2 rectangular, with two holes of the holder-connector with bolts inside;

    • 1 small holder-connector with a bolt;

    • 3 parts with a through hole (the bar must be free to pass through them, as a rule, they are the same size with the connector holders);

    • 4 bolts with nuts (they should be in the holders, but if there are no nuts, take them separately).

  2. All mechanical (and electronic, that is, working on batteries, and not with an electronic screen) the clock inside is approximately the same. You will need the details that you see in the photo:

    You will need

    Many details are taken only for decoration. Do not hesitate to apply a little inspiration and decorate the pen as you like, picking up a few details yourself - remember only that they should hold tight in their places, whereby the bolts and, in extreme cases, the wire will help incomparably better even the most reliable glue .

  3. Examine the rod from the ballpoint pen - if there are any inscriptions on it (which happens almost in every case), remove them with sandpaper or a nail polish remover.

  4. Inspect the rod from the ballpoint pen

  5. Take the first connector, take out bolts from it and put it on the shank - 2-2.5 cm from the "writing" end.

  6. remove bolts from it

  7. Insert the bolt with the nut into one of the holes andtighten it (not tight, so that the part would hold, but do not squeeze the rod), and the second - either the alarm button, if it was, or the bolt is more authentic, but with two identical nuts. Tighten it so that one nut really "holds" the bolt, and the second performs only decorative functions, lengthening it compared to the neighboring one, but not hanging on it.

  8. Now put on the rod first one hollow part, then - the spring and the second hollow piece.

  9. put a hollow piece on the rod

  10. Complete the construction with the second connector. Using two bolts and nuts, screw the gear to the handle.

  11. screw the gear to the handle

  12. Bite off a piece of the metal spring clipper (with the edge it should already have a hole). Thread it into the part for the plant, with the pin, and on this pin, put a small plug

  13. Thread the part for the plant

  14. Secure the entire structure to the handle with wire untilthe moment you attach it with a metal ring or nut (the part with the pin must be located on the side of the gear, and the tip of the handle must be completely hidden to slide out when pressed due to the spring in the middle).

  15. Now fasten the hook and the connecting ring to each other; in the second part of the hook, insert a small bolt that can easily be attached to the top of the handle, near the gear.

  16. Now fasten with each other

  17. Put a chain in the ring, and the handle-key, which can be worn as a suspension, is ready.

is ready

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