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How to make stylish ornaments from colored pencils

Color pencils can not only draw, ... of them still get stylish jewelry! Such bijouterie is perfect for creative people. After all, pencils in their lives occupy an important place. By the way, some of them can also be functional: for example, for a quick sketch you do not have to look for a pencil of the right color, if it already is in your necklace.

In order to make these ornaments, you will need:

  • color pencils (any, but best ifthey will be round in shape, with a bright shell. You can use the remains of old pencils (you will not need a single piece longer than 4 cm) or pencils from a set that you somehow dislike. Not a bad option - cheap large multicolor sets; usually draw such pencils rather mediocre and very poorly sharpened, but they look bright and attractive);

  • sandpaper (small);

  • drill with a thin drill;

  • chains;

  • A hacksaw or a knife with barbs;

  • base under the ring with a cabochon's nest;

  • round nose pliers and pliers;

  • transparent superglue;

  • jewelery wire.

Necklace of three pencils

 Necklace of three pencils

Here you will also need a drill.

  1. Take three pencils of different colors and a hacksaw.

  2. Cut all three pencils (keeping the sharpened edge) so that two of them are the same and smaller (they will be at the edges), and the third is longer than 2-3 cm

  3. Process slices with sandpaper.

  4. Drill the holes 1 cm from the blunt ends and thread a chain through them.

One pencil ring

 One pencil ring

  1. Saw a piece of a pencil with a hacksaw near the sharp end - about 3-3.5 cm (or less).

  2. Treat the cut with sandpaper until it is smooth.

  3. Take the base under the ring. The design of the ring itself can be anything, and the cabochon socket is better to choose a flat, without fasteners - it's more convenient to bend it round and round, and it looks more laconic. Fold the edges of the nest upwards - under the size of the pencil.

  4. Add a little glue on the pencil, attach to the resulting arched socket and press firmly. Leave to dry for 3-4 hours - and the ring is ready.

Ring with a pattern "flower"

 Ring with flower pattern

This ring is made of thin sections of pencils - you can cut them from the back of the whole pencils, and you can take the remainder of the pencil from under the previous decorations.

  1. Cut off seven pieces of pencils with a hacksaw.

  2. Put them near each other in the form of a "flower" with a middle and petals. Then spread the glue with those parts that come into contact with each other. Do not feel sorry for the glue.

  3. Densely grease the entire top of the entire face, tighten all parts to each other more tightly and leave to dry for the night.

  4. In the morning, remove excess glue with sandpaper.

  5. Glue the resulting flower to the jack for the cabochon in the ring-billet.


 Pendant pendant

It is done almost the same way as the "flower" ring, but you will need more wire and wire cutters.

  1. Cut enough fragmentspencil - they should be about 6 mm. length. Their number depends on how long you want to make your suspension. Remember only that it should have three vertical rows, and horizontal - as many as you want.

  2. Treat all parts with sandpaper until smooth.

  3. Drill one of them with a drill.

  4. Take a piece of wire, thread it through the hole and bend the rounds in the loop.

  5. From the second piece of wire form a connecting ring.

  6. Glue all the fragments to each other (just like in the flower ring), placing the fragment with the loop in the first row in the center.

  7. Leave to dry and re-treat with sandpaper, attach the ring and put on the chain.

All these ornaments can be worn with a set, combining with each other, or with another costume in a vintage style.

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