5 beautiful bracelets from zips

Our master class is dedicated to unusual ornaments,which are easy to make by themselves. Despite the fact that they are made from the usual sewing zippers, we look very original.

Bracelet for jeans

Bracelet for jeans

The simplest version of the bracelet is from zippers. Take:

  • 2 wide clamps with one eyelet;

  • classic standard lock;

  • zipper zipper of denim fabric (or with a color for it);

  • round-nosed pliers and scissors.

Bracelet for jeans looks stylish on the arm

  1. Wrap the clasp around the clenched hand to know the size of the bracelet, and trim the excess.

  2. Unzip up to half, cross the loose ends and fasten them with a clip.Step-by-step instruction

  3. Do the same with the second end.

  4. Use a pair of pliers to attach the locks to the clips.

The bracelet is ready.



For this bracelet you will need:

  • 2 zippers of equal length (choose them so that the color of the fabric contrasts with the color of the metal fastener).

  • 2 wide clamps with one eyelet;

  • classical lock;

  • round pliers.

Bracelet-braid on the arm

  1. Measure both fasteners on the hand, cut off excess, and then unfasten both fasteners to the end, taking off the slider.

  2. Put 3 halves of the fastener in front of you so that the metal part is on one side (for example, all three are on the right).

  3. Put them one on top of the other and fasten with a clip.

  4. Bite the former parts of the fasteners like a regular pigtail (do not tighten too tightly).We brace the former parts of the fasteners

  5. At the end, fasten again with a clamp.

  6. Using pliers, attach both parts of the lock to the clamp eyelets.

  7. Done.

Narrow bracelets without fabric

Narrow bracelets without fabric

These bracelets are good to carry on several pieces at once on one hand.

In order to make such, take:

  • several zippers of different colors;

  • scissors;

  • lock (according to the number of zippers);

  • several pairs (by the number of zippers) of narrow long clips with a loop at the end;

  • round pliers.

    We fasten bracelets without a fabric
  1. Measure the length of the future bracelet by wrapping all the fasteners around your fist. Trim excess (necessarily leaving untouched the end on which the slider is located).

  2. Carefully scissor cut the entire fabric almost close to the metal part (leave literally 2-2.5 mm).How to make bracelets without fabric

  3. Check if the resulting lightning is fastened and unbuttoned, and take the slider 1-2 cm from the end.

  4. Fasten both ends with clamps.

  5. Round-clamps attach them to the locks.

Repeat for all zippers, and then put the bracelets on your arm.



This stylish version of the bracelet is made even faster than a bracelet for jeans. You will need:

  • 2 long zippers of the same color (but it is better that the fabric is contrasted to the metal part);

  • connecting ring, narrow clamp and lock;

  • round pliers;

  • scissors

Bracelet-cord on the left hand

  1. After measuring the length of the future bracelet, increase it by two and a half times, and then cut off the excess part of the fastener.

  2. Cut off all the fabric.

  3. Fasten both sliders together with a connecting ring.Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Bracelet

  4. Fasten the opposite ends of the fasteners with a clasp.

  5. Connect both ends of the workpiece by locking.

  6. You should wear such a bracelet by wrapping it around twice.

Bracelet with a pattern

Bracelet with a pattern

Steampunk or industrial version of the bracelet.


  • 3 zippers of the same color;

  • a velcro strip;

  • scissors;

  • nippers;

  • transparent glue and toothpicks.

Bracelet with a pattern looks great on the arm

  1. Cut 2 zippers to the size of your hand.

  2. Lay them on top of each other so that the lower fabric part of one completely covers the upper fabric part of the other, lying close to the metal.

  3. Glue them along this line.Make a bracelet with a pattern part 1

  4. Glue the velcro fastener to the opposite ends of the workpiece (one part from the "wrong" side, assuming that the one on which the sliders are located is "front", one with the front one).

  5. Trim the entire fabric with scissors near the metal part of the third fastener. It should remain as little as possible.

  6. Break with wire cutters or even fingers, if the fabric is cut sufficiently, the metal part into several separate strips (for example, 4).

  7. Now place them on the workpiece in the order that you want, making up any patterns from them.Make a bracelet with a pattern part 2

  8. Glue all the strips. If necessary, remove the excess glue between the teeth with toothpicks.

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