Costume jewelery from polymer clay
Polymer clay - this is an excellent material for creativity, so jewelry itself is made very often from this material. Costume jewelery from polymer clay it turns out attractive and durable, and most importantly - such jewelry is easy to manufacture, and even a beginner can make a beautiful decoration.

Costume jewelry made of polymer clay can be fun and bright, and can, on the contrary, be elegant and refined. A rich color palette of polymer clays and a lot of additional decorating elements open up wide opportunities for modeling jewelry.

To start will have to pick up the polymer clay itself. The choice is huge and everything depends on the ideas of the futureproducts. Polymer clays differ in polymerization temperature, color palette. There are clays with sparkles, mother of pearl, clays imitating a stone, clays with a metallic effect - you can give vent to fantasy.

In addition to polymer clay to work on making jewelry with their own hands a suitable working surface is required - it can be a piece of glass or tile. You will also need a sharp thin knife or blade and a device for rolling out polymer clay - a simple simple pencil will do.

Waterproof sandpaper with different roughness will be needed in the manufacture of imitation jewelry made of polymer clay to remove fingerprints, and pieces of thick denim or felt - for polishing ornaments. You will also need a varnish - for the decorations to retain brightness and shine. Lacquer can be special, designed specifically for polymer clay, or building - acrylic on a water basis.

Important in preparing for work on the manufacture of imitation jewelry made of polymer clay Do not forget also about the appropriate fittings: швензах, locks, штифтах, connectingrings, etc. Additional decorative elements, for example, a variety of beads, rhinestones, ribbons, are selected depending on the design of the jewelry being designed.

Beginning work on the manufacture of imitation jewelry made of polymer clay, pieces of clay need a little stretch in the hands - under the influence of heat clay will become more plastic. Then you can proceed directly to the modeling. The technique of modeling from polymer clay is very accessible and similar to the technique of molding from conventional plasticine.

For example, rolling down small neat balls of clay of the same color, you can get one-color beads. Alternation of beads of different colors in the product ina certain order - it's simple, and beautiful. "The complication of the task" is the production of not just round beads, but elements of different shapes: triangular, drip, square, rhomboid, oval, etc. There can be very, very many options, everything is limited only by desire and imagination.

Polymer clay of different colors can be mixed, thereby obtaining new shades or"Marble stains". Also mixing polymer clay in different colors, you can get different color patterns, beautiful color "transitions". In addition, from clay it is possible to make whole sculptures in miniature.

Decoration made of polymer clay it is necessary to bake in the oven, and then - to varnish. It is important not to forget to make the necessary holes in the workpieces before baking: punctures can be made using pins or wires.

Costume jewelry made of polymer clay can be a wonderful gift for friends and relatives, and some needlewomen even make jewelry for sale. Try to make jewelry from polymer clay with your own hands and you will definitely get it!

Costume jewelery from polymer clay
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