Modern dances for beginners

Dance is the greatest art. The progenitors of modern dance, probably, were still ritual dances at the fire of our distant ancestors. Modern dances simply amaze with the huge variety: here to you and incendiary latina, and a strict waltz, and the Scottish round dances ...

"Modern dances for beginners" - similar headlines are full of newspaper ads, pages of Internet portals. What, in fact, is hidden behind the term "modern dances"? What style of dance to choose?

Once upon a time the dances had a purelypractical significance. Ancient people believed that by imitating animal movements in their ritual dance, they can propitiate spirits and ask for blessings. Later, the dance became a means for expression of emotions, for the transmission of certain artistic images to the audience.

Dance is inseparable from music, so the formation and development of a variety of musical styles certainly also gives rise to the development of dance styles. But as the classical music does not age, bothwill never age and many dance styles and directions. For example, today, like a couple of hundred years ago, we dance the Viennese waltz and foxtrot, rumba and pasodoble, polka and cracovac.

Many modern dances have a pronounced national flavor. The whole world admires the Brazilian dance-wrestlingcapoeira, Irish and Scottish folk dances, eastern bellydance. Cuban rumba, Spanish flamenco, Argentine tango are also widely known.

A lot of styles and trends of modern dance gave the world a twentieth century. This is rock'n'roll, and break dance, and hip-hop, and electro dance (tectonics). Club and street modern dances are freer and more democratic than classical styles.

Choosing the style of modern dance, which you would like to do, it is important correctly assess their capabilities. To achieve excellence in dance, you need toIn any case, make a lot of effort and spend more than one month of training. But there are dances that require good physical preparation, but there are styles and directions for which minimal preparation is enough.

Modern dance is the art of managementmovements of his body. That is why it is not at all surprising that during your training your physical form improves noticeably. If you buy with a dance a slender and smart figure - your goal, then choose the direction of modern dance that will provide your muscles with the necessary load. For example, eastern "belly dances" perfectly strengthen the abdominal muscles, thighs, buttocks, develop the overall flexibility of the body.

Correct outfit in modern dance classes - already half the success. In uncomfortable clothes that restrict your movements, you will not think about performing a dance element, but about how "rubbed an elastic band" or how "it's hot in this jacket". Therefore, for classes it is recommended to use only comfortable clothes that do not interfere with performing dance moves, and in which you feel comfortable.

In addition, your clothes must match the style of dance: a special loincloth for balidans, wide wide pants for hip-hop and break-dance, a cap on the head for the lower break, etc.

Dance Shoes should also be comfortable and matched according to the type of dance. For ballroom dances, this is, of course, Czechs, but for a stap you need a special footwear with metal overlays on the soles.

Modern dances for beginners
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