Dance aerobicsAerobics (rhythmic gymnastics) is a complexexercises performed under rhythmic music. There is a huge number of aerobics directions, and even a simple listing of them with a brief explanation will draw on the whole article. Therefore, today we will focus only on one of them. This will dance aerobics.

Dance aerobics, like other typesaerobics, is to perform exercises to music. That's only the movement in this form of gymnastics is closer to dance than to sports. In fact, dance aerobics is based on a certain dance style, whose movements are associated with sports exercises and elements of modern choreography.

Dance aerobics has a lot of advantages. First, like any other kind of aerobics, she strengthens the cardiovascular system, helps to fight excess weight and strengthenmuscles (mainly - the muscles of the lower body: legs, buttocks, abdominals). In addition, dance aerobics improves the flexibility and plasticity of the body, coordination of movements and posture.

Secondly, in addition to purely physical benefits, this type of fitness brings psychological. In many cases, the dance helps a personliberate and get rid of complexes. In addition, your favorite music raises the mood, gives a positive emotional mood and peace of mind. And the choice of music for dance aerobics is almost unlimited - but more on this later.

Dance aerobics - quite easy kind of fitness, in which the emphasis is on strengthening the cardiacmuscle and flexibility training, rather than the development of strength. Therefore, such aerobics is suitable even for beginners, children, the elderly, people with weak health, and some of its directions - even for pregnant women. But this advantage lies in its drawback - those who need fitness in the first place, force, dance aerobics is not suitable. The only exception is jazz aerobics - there is more workload.

Types of dance aerobics

There are a lot of forms of dance aerobics, and all are not listed. Each species is based on a certain dance direction: from folk dances to rock'n'roll and jazz-modern. You just have to choose the direction that you like most, and start classes.

Most fitness clubs offer their clients such Types of dance aerobics:

Latina. The name speaks for itself - this kind offitness is based on Latin American dances. Thanks to the incendiary rhythm, energetic movements, the possibility of improvising dance aerobics in the style of "latina" is very popular.

Jazz Modern. This type of fitness combines elementsclassical and modern choreography. Smooth, fluid movements, complex syncopated rhythm and incredible expression ... One of the most complex, but the most beautiful types of fitness.

Strip-dance (strip-plastic). Not all who are engaged in strip dance,Then they dance at the pole in the club. This kind of fitness teaches you to feel your body, perfectly develops flexibility, stretching and smooth movements, gives tremendous self-confidence.

Belly Dance - one of the most popular types of fitness. No wonder - which woman refuses to feel like a mysterious eastern beauty. Belly dancing develops flexibility and plasticity, improves posture, makes the waist thinner, and thighs - more beautiful.

Funk aerobics - a good option for beginners. It is not as intense as other directions. It is characterized by wave-like movements of the hull, sliding movements, turns, dashes, rises on the half-toes and springing movement of the legs - quality.

Hip Hop Aerobics something like funk aerobics, but the movement in theThis form of fitness is more intense and sharp, there are more jumps and bouncings, and wave-like movements of the body are characteristic for funk aerobics.

Of course, dance aerobics includes Much more styles. This is also different types of folk aerobics (Russian, Irish, Oriental, Gypsy dances), and rock and roll aerobics, and city jam, and African-jazz, and R "n" B, and jazz aerobics ... Total and not enumerate.

If you are attracted to dance aerobics, then,what you need is to determine the direction that suits you, find a fitness club in which there is a coach in this direction, and choose the intensity of training (low, medium and high). Dance aerobics is good because, having mastered the basic movements in the fitness club, you can To study and at home to your favorite music.

Dance aerobics
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