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Most people on the planet want to havehealthy, beautiful body. Nature has not endowed all with ideal forms. Often you have to achieve results through your own efforts. First of all - sports. There is a huge number of classes of such a useful hobby: team games, acrobatics, swimming, callanetics, athletics, wrestling, shaping, yoga, fitness and many others.

Very popular in our time, aerobics(Rhythmic gymnastics). This is a complex of physical exercises that combines body movements and respiratory exercises, which is aimed at combating excess weight, nervous overexertion and exhaustion, impaired functions of the body (blood circulation, digestion, respiration and musculoskeletal system). This is not only a therapeutic sport, but also a wonderful hobby.

The result of rhythmic gymnastics:

  • increase in general tone and immunity;

  • reduced risk of vascular and heart disease;

  • strengthening of nervous and bone systems;

  • improvement of metabolism;

  • getting rid of extra pounds, figure correction;

  • increasing efficiency and raising the mood.

Having visited the first lessons of aerobics, you will already feel more cheerful and healthy, less nervous. There will be constant weakness and fatigue. The recovery of the body will begin.

Depending on the reasons for which you decided to engage in such a physical exercise, you must seriously approach the choice of its profile.

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Types of aerobics:

  • classical aerobics. Video lessons are available on our website. The most common, with it begins the development of other species. It is aimed at the development of endurance, strengthening of the cardiovascular system;

  • water aerobics. Occurs in an aquatic environment of various depths, practically has no contraindications. Improves the joints, allows you to overcome excess weight, strengthens muscles, helps restore the body after surgery or trauma;

  • dance aerobics. Video lessons you can see below. Here, choreographic movements are applied to music corresponding to a certain kind of dance (tango, funk, hip-hop, latin, belly dancing, etc.). Promotes better coordination of movements, fat burning, strengthening of muscle tissue, overall improvement of the body;

  • sports aerobics (pampas, boxing, kick). A combination of acrobatics, gymnastics, dance. Develops flexibility, plasticity, agility, physical strength. Corrects the posture and contours of the body;

  • step aerobics. A video lesson will help you to master this direction. Helps to quickly burn calories, acts as a preventive complex against arthritis and osteoporosis, trains the muscles of the heart. Classes are conducted using a step-platform;

  • spinning, or cycling. Performed to music on exercise bikes. Allows you to reduce fat deposits, reduce stress, acquire relief muscles;

  • power aerobics, video lessons of which will help withoutlabor to master it. Requires a certain level of physical fitness. Develops strength endurance, accelerates metabolism, which helps to quickly reduce weight, leads to muscle tone, reduces the risk of atherosclerosis;

  • slide. Positively affects the cardiovascular and respiratory system, helps strengthen joints. Training takes place on slippery paths;

  • fitball. Exercises with a rubber ball with a diameter of 30-70 cm. It makes it possible to correct the posture, correct the figure, and recharge. Develops a sense of balance.

If you decide to train at home, very useful for you will be video lessons of aerobics for beginners. They will prompt, with what loads to begin and provide a full set of exercises.

Video lessons of aerobics for weight loss will helpin getting rid of extra pounds and gaining ideal body shapes. Such a modern sport will diversify your daily life, bring a lot of pleasure and contribute to health improvement.

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