Eastern dance
To date, oriental dances can be found in the program of classes for every good fitness club. Along with various types of fitness, dances of the East allow you to feel your body, enjoyrhythms of beautiful music and just perfect rest. It's no wonder that they won great popularity among women, because you can learn to dance oriental dances at any age. Classes with oriental dances improve flexibility, posture, natural plastic.

At the lessons of oriental dance the coach will acquaint you with basic equipment and the basic methods of oriental dance("Eight", "waves" and other movements of the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, various shaking), the technique of hand movement, the technique of respiratory gymnastics. Belly dance combines rhythmic, plastic, gracefulness and combines beautiful dynamic hip movements and smoothness of the hands. Also, it gives a huge charge of energy and positive emotions, causes a feeling of lightness in the body, relieves stress.

With the help of classes you can to acquire not only a thin waist, roundedhips, elastic buttocks, tight stomach, but also the graceful gait and mystery of the eastern woman. Together with excess kilos, there will be complexes, a bad mood, classes in a group of like-minded people make it possible to find new friends. Lessons are held under the enchanting Moroccan, Tunisian, Egyptian, Turkish music, in the air there is a fragrance of special oriental oils ... What can be more pleasant?

After a few lessons you will be able to achieve both external and internal changes. A large volume characteristic of Arabic dancesmovements, alternation of compression and relaxation of the abdomen during the dance provides an effective massage of the internal organs, improves their blood supply, normalizes the work of the intestine, forces not only large groups of muscles of the skeletal muscles, but also small muscles that are little used when working on simulators or in classical aerobic occupations . These are deep back muscles, pelvic floor muscles, abdominal muscles. Regular training of deep back muscles is very important because they create a reliable "corset" that supports the spinal column. Eastern dances are an excellent prevention of osteochondrosis. Numerous easy flexion and extension, twisting of the spine greatly improve the nutrition of the discs, while retaining their elasticity and elasticity.

Now More than 50 kinds of oriental dances are known. There are eight main schools: Turkish, Egyptian, Pakistani, Botswana, Thai, Bhutan, Aden, Jordanian, as well as many small schools, all with their own characteristics, specific movements, costumes and music. The most widespread in the world Egyptian and Turkish school.

To go deeper into the sea of ​​oriental dance, you should pay attention to the costume. Belly dance suit, as a rule, bright, with soft, flowingcontours of its parts. The modern look of the costume for oriental dances, the so-called "Bedle" (from Arabic - "costume", "attire"), appeared at the beginning of the last century. This costume consists of a bodice, a belt and a skirt decorated with appliqués, beads, rhinestones, beads, coins and pendants. Such a suit better emphasizes the work of the hips and chest.

Oriental dances will allow you to liberate yourself as much as possible, express yourself, your attitude to life in the language of movements and gestures. To be in dance means to live, to find a happy and happy state.

Eastern dance
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