Hedgehog from leavesAutumn is the right time for creativity. There is nothing easier than to make a beautiful application of the natural material "Hedgehog from the leaves." All you need is cardboard, glue, leaves and a good mood.

Crafts - very exciting andan interesting lesson. It develops motor skills in children, ingenuity and imagination. The child has the opportunity of creative self-expression, and parents have time to relax. In addition, things made by themselves are much more valuable and more pleasant for us. Summer is coming to an end, which means that soon it will be possible to make autumn crafts, because there will be a lot of natural material.

Finding the right things for work can be turned intoa real adventure. Golden autumn is an unusually beautiful time of the year. Walking in nature - in the forest, in a park or in a park near the house - will bring a lot of aesthetic pleasure. A warm sun, a variety of bright colors (yellow, red, scarlet), blue sky. All this contributes to the flight of fantasy, and we collect the necessary material, without noticing it. Advice for parents: during the collection, you can tell the children about what leaves, needles or cones you collect, from which they are trees and what features they have. Then a walk through the forest should be not only pleasant, but also useful and instructive.

master class how to make a hedgehogOf course, not a single autumn craft can not do withoutbeautiful autumn leaves. But before you start working with them, they need to be dried. Leaves may have even some defects - dots or holes from ants, this is normal, such specimens can be dried and further used for crafts. For the drying process itself, a special press is used, but the simplest and most common way is to simply place the leaves neatly in the books. Of course, this should not be dear to you copies or books that you are now reading - during drying, it is best not to touch the leaves often. Also, leaves can damage pages a little, so if you feel sorry for your library, you can use plain paper, but it will take a lot. To dry the leaves, it takes about 2 weeks, even if you took not fresh, but slightly withered leaves.

There are a huge number of options thatAn article can be made from autumn materials. Original panels, voluminous compositions or stained glass works. We suggest you make the following autumn artwork from natural materials - a cute hedgehog from leaves.

How to make a hedgehog of leaves? Necessary materials:

  • paper - beige or brown (for a hedgehog's muzzle)

  • scissors

  • glue

  • simple pencil

  • marker or marker

  • sheet of cardboard for background

  • leaves - oak, lime, elm, birch and others.

Advice! Leaves should be suitable for needles of a hedgehog, therefore it is impossible to take chestnut leaves, for example. The quantity depends on the size of the craft, but not less than 20. Color - any, after drying the leaves usually acquire the desired color - yellow-brown.

Step-by-step instruction

How to make a hedgehog of leavesDisplay on the sheet of paper you likea picture of a hedgehog, it is advisable not to draw many unnecessary details, leave the most important ones - eyes, nose and smile. Use carbon paper to make the desired image. Try not to remove the pencil from the cardboard, the hedgehog should be drawn almost one line.

Cut the resulting hedgehog and paste on a sheetcardboard that you have selected for the background. Apply glue on the trunk of a hedgehog and start gluing the leaves. Then everything depends on the imagination and desire of your child. The leaves can be glued in color (darker to place in the middle, and light to glue along the edges) or in size (at the top are the smallest leaves). On the body of the hedgehog there should not be an empty space.

The application "Hedgehog from the leaves" is ready!

Of course, you can paste any picture with leaves,which you will like. The main thing is not to upload an image with unnecessary details, they will be replaced by leaves. Therefore, choose simple pictures, in addition, children can easily draw them.

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