Pillows with your own hands

Today the network can be found a lot of ways andmaster classes on how to make your home cozy and original. The mastery of making pillows with their own hands becomes a kind of direction of sewing art, and every day there are more and more original and bold ideas. How to make a decorative pillow for a sofa and spend a minimum of money on it? We are ready to share a couple of secrets and tell you how to sew a pillow with your own hands.


Decorative pillow "Sea scallop" is suitable for those who do not know the wisdom of handling a sewing machine. The idea to the ugliness is simple, and the incarnation does not take much time!

Necessary materials and tools:

  • dense cotton fabric

  • decorative fabric "Jersey"

  • thread in tone of fabric

  • scissors

  • sewing machine

Preparation method:

  1. Arrange the fabric of the Jersey to the same rectangles. You can choose any other delicate decorative fabric, the main thing is that it does not crumble when cutting.

  2. Pillows with your own hands

  3. Cut the fabric along the lines into rectangles with sides about 2 and 5 cm. Naturally, the dimensions can vary depending on the size of the pillow and the degree of decoration density.

  4. Pillows with your own hands

  5. From a dense cotton fabric to make a basisfor the pillow, cutting out two rectangles according to the size of the future product. One of them should be drawn by vertical equidistant lines. The optimal distance between them is 1.5 cm.

  6. Stitch the rectangles to the base, applying the middle points to the vertical line. Put each next element a little distance from the previous one.

  7. Pillows with your own hands

  8. When the series is complete, fold the attached rectangles in half to open the line for the next row.

  9. Pillows with your own hands

  10. By the same principle, to place rectangles on all vertical lines of the base. To make the decoration seem more dense, it is necessary to sew the elements in a checkerboard pattern.

  11. When the front part is complete, fold the base plates with faces and staple each other. Do not forget to leave a hole through which you unscrew and stuff the pillow!

  12. Pillows with your own hands

  13. Fill the product with sintered or any other packing and close the hole with a hidden seam.

Such a pillow noticeably enliven the interior and decorate any room.


Pillows with your own hands

The model "Kosichka" is suitable for creating a cozy and quiet atmosphere in a bedroom or living room.

Necessary materials:

  • thin felt

  • thread in tone

  • scissors

  • sewing machine

Preparation method:

  1. From felt fabric or any other dense material that does not crumble when cutting, cut out two squares or rectangles. This will be the basis for the future decorative pillow.

  2. From the same fabric, cut long strips 1 cm wide.

  3. Pillows with your own hands

  4. Strip the strips to the front side of the base.

  5. Pillows with your own hands

  6. Cross the adjacent strips between each other and stitch it in place of crossing.

  7. Pillows with your own hands

  8. Putting each strip under the next one, cross the strips and spread along the entire length of the base.

  9. Pillows with your own hands

  10. On the sides of the strip must be bent to maintain the integrity of the pattern.

  11. Pillows with your own hands

  12. Attach both sides of the base to the sides, leaving a small gap. Unscrew the fabric through it, fill it with filler and close with a hidden seam.

  13. Pillows with your own hands

To "pigtails" turned out even, you can pre-mark the fabric with a ruler and chalk (dry soap).

Pillows with your own hands

From the most usual old pillow you can easilymake a pillow on the sofa with your own hands, if to the elementary sewing skills to connect a little bit of fantasy. Decorating products can be appliqués made of fabric, decorative elements and old-good embroidery with a smooth or cross-stitch.

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