How to braid a bracelet from a cord. 2 ways

These stylish bracelets use a cord, strands and strips of leather.

Bracelet with a wide cord and strips of leather

Bracelet with a wide cord and strips of leather

In order to weave the same, you will need:

  • narrow, thin strips of skin (or leatherette, best - about 3 mm wide) of any color;

  • thick cord (a piece of safety rope is ideal);

  • large lock with hook;

  • scissors;

  • Super glue;

  • a pin or a little scotch tape;

  • lighter (matches, candle).

  • Bracelet with a wide cord and strips of leather

  1. Cut a piece of cord about 15 cm long.

  2. Burn its ends with a candle, lighters, matches or any other fire. This must be done so that they do not "pour", and the weaving of the cord in time is not unleashed.

  3. Form a loop.

  4. Glue or attach it at the folding point to any surface on which you are going to weave a bracelet.

  5. Put a strip of skin under the cord so that both ends of it lie on top.

  6. Tie a knot on a strip of skin, swinging its right end through both parts of the cord and passing it under the left end of the strip. Tighten as tight as possible. The node will be on the left.

  7. Bracelet with a wide cord and strips of leather

  8. Then, swing the left side of the strip through the cord, and the right pass under the cord, not forgetting to form a knot of them. Retighten. The node will be on the right.

  9. Repeat until you tie the entire cord. You can have nodes only from one side - then the appearance of the bracelet will change slightly.

  10. Trim excess.

  11. Glue the super-glue lock to the end of the bracelet, hiding under the end of the cord, and both ends of the strip of skin. Done.

  12. Bracelet with a wide cord and strips of leather

The bracelet will be fastened with a hook on the lock and the hinge left by you in point 4, which is not covered with knots from the skin strip.

Two-tone bracelet with braided cord and rhinestones

For this bracelet, take:

  • 15-17 cm thick cord (safety rope will work if it is one-color);

  • the same number of chains with artificial inserts of rhinestones;

  • about 70 cm. thread of a mulina of two colors (of your choice, here it is blue and pink, the colors can be contrasting or matching .You can take several threads of different colors, then you will often have to change them during the weaving);

  • 2 connecting rings (4 mm in diameter each);

  • Painting tape;

  • 2 plugs for a cord with eyelets;

  • transparent superglue;

  • pliers or round pliers;

  • 1 lock ring.

Two-tone bracelet with braided cord and rhinestones

  1. Attach a piece of paint tape to the first thread of the mulina to the end of the cord. You should close the scotch with about 1 cm of cord.

  2. Attach a chain with rhinestones to the cord with a thread.

  3. Start gently wrapping the thread around the cord andchain, placing it so that it falls on the gaps between the rhinestones. In each interval do 3 turns of thread. It is not necessary to tie knots, just wrap them as tightly as possible, and then move on to the next gap. Make sure that the chain with rhinestones does not move, located on one side of the cord.

  4. Once the thread is finished, tie the second one to it with a simple knot and continue winding until the cord is no longer left.

  5. Paste the second end (again must remainfree about 1 cm.) a piece of scotch, attaching the cord and the remainder of the string. If there were too many threads, wrap it several times around the end of the cord before sticking the adhesive tape.

  6. Glue the superglue to the ends of the cap. Leave almost ready bracelet to dry - it is best for the night, but it is possible and for 5-6 hours.

  7. Use pliers to open the connecting rings and attach them to the eyelets on the plugs. One immediately clamped back.

  8. To the second of these rings, attach the lock ring. The ring on the opposite side will play the role of the second part of the castle. The bracelet is ready.

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