3 necklace in the sea style with their own hands

Necklace "sea knot" with brooch


For this simple necklace you will need:

  • rather thick (1.5 cm in diameter or thicker) rope, stylized under a sea rope (or a real rope);

  • A small brooch or several rhinestones, pendants (of your choice);

  • The needle and strong thread in the color of the rope;

  • copper wire;

  • cap caps for the ends of the rope;

  • Super glue;

  • lock and connecting rings;

  • round pliers.

  1. Form several loops of rope, spreading it in front of you - the way you want. This is how the base of your necklace will look. All loops and bends should touch each other.

  2. Sew them with each other using a needle (at least 2 places on each loop).

  3. To the extreme right connection of loops attach a brooch or sew a rhinestones.

  4. Wrap about 2 cm near the ends of the rope wire.

  5. Glue the cap-plugs.

  6. Using round-nosed pliers, unbend the connecting rings, fix them on the plugs and attach both parts of the lock to them. The necklace is ready.

Large necklace of safety rope

Large necklace of safety rope

For this necklace, take:

  • safety rope (blue with white or red patches);

  • white and red yarn (or mulina);

  • blind caps with hinges;

  • lock;

  • chain (optional);

  • connecting rings;

  • pliers;

  • Lighter (or any other source of fire - matches, candles, burners);

  • Super glue;

  • scissors.

  1. Take a long piece of rope.

  2. Fold two loops out of it a short distance from each other, but do not tie knots.

  3. Thread one loop into the other.

  4. Drag through the loop every time in the next step a little rope, forming a kind of knot behind and a new loop that will also become a knot. Do not forget to tighten them properly.

  5. Make as many nodes as you want; usually leave about 14-15 for the average necklace.

  6. Tie in the end a large knot that fixes the whole structure.

  7. Process the slices of the rope with the fire of the lighter (or from any other source).

  8. Tie 2-3 cm from the center (with knots) a rope on either side of the yarn or mulina: use a simple weaving of macrame with knots on both sides.

  9. Glue the glue caps to the ends of the rope.

  10. Using pliers, attach to the hingesstubs connecting rings, and to them - a lock. Optionally, you can attach to the second, without a lock, the end of the chain - to make it easier to adjust the size of the necklace. Done.

Necklace with a cloth and a brooch

Necklace with a cloth and a brooch

For him you need to take:

  • a long thin chain of golden color;

  • needle or thread sewing machine;

  • striped fabric (black and white or blue and white, can be synthetic, 9 cm wide and as long as you want);

  • a brooch (of your choice, here it is a cameo brooch);

  • red narrow ribbon;

  • connecting rings and lock;

  • round nose pliers and pliers;

  • wire of golden color (thickness of 20 points).

  1. Place the strip of fabric face up.

  2. Fold some fabric on top and sew it with a 6 mm seam. You should get a kind of "sleeve" for the wire into which it will pass freely.

  3. Now cut about 30 cm of wire.

  4. With the help of round-nosed pliers, form a loop at one end.

  5. Begin gently pull the wire through the "sleeve" on the fabric with a loop forward.

  6. During this, "fold" the fabric into small creases. Once you understand that the quantity and size of the folds for the necklace are optimal, cut off excess fabric (if it is). Fabrics are larger than wires, and there must be wrinkles on it.

  7. Form the loop and the second end of the wire.

  8. Using the connecting rings, attach the chain to the hinges on the wire. You can add a lock by unfastening one chain in the middle of the chain, or you can put the necklace over your head.

  9. Fold the ribbon across so that the letter "L" is obtained, and sew it through the fold to the right side of the fabric, closer to the wire.

  10. Attach a brooch over the ribbon. Done.

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