Summer always sets its own rhythm of life. Handbags created for special summer needs and sewn by hand, will help you enjoy it to the fullest.

Water bottle handbag

In summer it is hot and often thirsty, and carrying a bottle of water in hand is quite uncomfortable, especially for children during games. Sew for this bag in patchwork style with strap-strap from the braid over the shoulder.


  • pins;

  • thread and needle or sewing machine;

  • fabric: lightweight fabrics of two or three different colors (and / or with three different prints) and an insulation material (used to make special kitchen sticks, mittens, etc. - protects against heat and cold, but is easily stitched). Isolation is needed so that if you do not turn the bag into a small refrigerator, then at least prevent the water from quickly heating up;

  • iron;

  • braid for the webbing.

All measurements are made with the expectation that a standard 0.5 liter water bottle should be placed in the bag.

How to measure and cut the fabric:

  • Cut one piece of fabric for the lining and one for the outside - 27x20 cm each.
    In the photo, the fabric for the outside is sewn from twocuts of different colors (the selected fabric with a floral print, plus a green strip on top with a width of about 5 cm). You can do the same, but it's a decorative element, not a necessity.

  • Cut two mugs of fabric for a lining 9.5 cm in diameter.

  • Now cut out the insulation material, from which you need to cut two pieces - a rectangle with sides of 23 and 18 cm and a circle with a diameter of 7.6 cm

  • The band for the strap should be about 1.3 m long (if the bag is designed for an adult person) and 1 m - if it is worn by a child of 8-10 years.

Whenever you need to attach fabrics, use pins.

How to sew:

  • Place the fabric for the upper and the lining side by side, a wrong side up, and stitch a seam along their 19 mm Fold cloth stitch and iron.

  • Take a rectangular piece of insulation material and attach it with pins to the underside of the fabric for the top part - so that the edge of the insulation rectangle touches the connecting seam.

  • Bend the lining fabric so that it completely covers the insulation material, and sew all three layers through the perimeter with a 6 mm

  • Quilt the workpiece in the style that you like best.

  • The workpiece had a purl part - the one onwhich is the fabric for the lining, and the front. Connect the ends of the fabric so that the outside of the received cylinder remains the wrong part, and then sew the edges with a 6 mm

  • Sew a seam 6 mm and quilt the second workpiece - a round one, consisting of two fabric and one insulation mug, spread out the same way as in the case with the general part of the bag.

  • Pin the resulting bottom to the end of the pipe and sew with a 19 mm

  • Turn the workpiece to the front.

  • Sew a strap: the braid should be sewn on the inside of the purse, about 2.5 cm from the edge.

The bag is ready.

Summer waist bag

For it you will need:

  • fabric for the bag itself (25x19 cm);

  • belt (of the same fabric) - 116x15 cm;

  • a Velcro fastener strip (Velcro) - a width of 2.5 and a length of 20 cm

  • fabric for the pocket valve (19x7 cm);

  • 2 carabiners of any color (5.5 cm long each);

  • Iron, needles, thread, sewing machine and pins.

To make a strap:

  • Fold the edges of the fabric for a 1.5 cm strap, sew and iron the seam. The finished belt will be about 5 cm in width.

  • Cut two strips of Velcro fastener and sew them to both ends of the strap. Then close each end on the clasp - you will have two loops. In each of them, thread the carbine.

    They will perform the role of a buckle, kidding each other.

To make the bag itself:

  • Open the two semicircular parts - for the inner and outer parts.

  • Cut into them a hole for the pocket - 14 cm long, at a distance of 5 cm from each edge.

  • Expand the hole by bending the edges of the cut. It should be 1.5 cm wide

  • Sew and iron the edges of the cut.

  • Sew both parts of the bag around the perimeter.

  • Attach the valve from the top with the clasp.

  • Sew the entire purse to the middle of the strap. Now that you put it on, she will be on your hip.


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