How many years live different signs of the zodiac: who is the long-lived, and who will die young

American scientists conducted a number of astrologicalstudies and confirmed the guesses of the ancients about the influence of heavenly bodies on the health and life expectancy of people, establishing a clear pattern between the date of birth of a person and the length of his life. The reliability of the results was made possible by analyzing the dates of birth and death of over sixty thousand people from all over the world. The objects of research were both modern inhabitants of the planet, and people who lived on Earth several centuries ago.

To talk about a clearly traceable relationshipbetween the sign of the zodiac, under which man was born, and the duration of his life became possible after the analysis of the first five thousand dates. Upon completion of scientific work, scientists came to the conclusion that long-lived can be safely called Taurus, but Scorpio stars take away the shortest life. Affects the sign of the zodiac and the health of its "ward", which largely determines the period of human life on earth. How many years of life is "programmed" in every zodiacal sign, and what diseases can significantly reduce them?

How many years live different signs of the zodiac: who is the long-lived, and who will die young


The zodiacal constellation did not stint on a longlife for both women and men. Women can expect at least 78 years of life, men - at 79 years. The main scourge of Aries' health remains stress, leading to insomnia, migraine, heart disease.

Tip: Treat philosophy philosophically! It will relieve your head of heavy thoughts, gray hair and prolong your life.


Long-playing life is promised by stars to all Taurus. Women have every chance to meet their 80th anniversary, and men, having overcome this frontier, will die closer to 82 years. However, the tendency of the Taurus to obesity, diseases of the genitourinary system and joints, can significantly shorten the years released by the sky.

Tip: Pay due attention to the vulnerabilities of your health, and it is possible that it will serve you right up to 100 years!


The average life expectancy of men is78 years, women - 85. Twins tend to seek out in their lives the meaning and thinking about its frailty. They are often overcome by boredom and despondency, becoming depressed. As a result, there may be problems with the respiratory system, weight and limb diseases.

Tip: Carefully follow the diet and avoid any debilitating diets. Your body is particularly vulnerable to exhaustion.

How many years live different signs of the zodiac: who is the long-lived, and who will die young


The period of life of women reaches 73 years, men - 68. Early "meet with God" those representatives of the sign who ignore the rules of a healthy lifestyle and do not attend doctors. All the blame is their suspiciousness and fixation on illnesses, not on recovery. Cancers often suffer from vascular diseases, nearsightedness and abnormalities of the digestive tract.

Tip: The stars indicate an increased tendency to oncopathology, so do not forget to take mandatory preventive measures.


Most women and men of this sign managelive to 74 years old if they sound alarm on time in case of serious illnesses. Their peculiarity is to conceal all problems in themselves and not to complain, often becomes the cause of neglected disease. Poor health can trigger a weak cardiovascular system, back and eyes.

Advice: Let relatives care about you and your health!


For women, the stars measure the course of life by lengthup to 81 years, for men - up to 77 years. The health of the Virgin is not deprived, although most of them have a vulnerable digestive system and suffer from disorders related to her work. But, not looking at it, astrologers call Dev the most healthy long-livers.

Advice: Do not waste your stomach more often, eat only healthy food and never overeat. In this situation, the stars are ready to give you a few more years of life.

How many years live different signs of the zodiac: who is the long-lived, and who will die young


Libra is not the longest living representativesthe zodiacal circle (women under 77, men up to 73 years). However, they have the opportunity to argue with stubborn astronomical statistics and win several additional years of life if they take care of their weak immunity. High protective properties of the body will help Libra and other potential risks - skin, lumbar and kidney diseases.

Tip: Keep your health in a dry and warm place, since the stars recommend you to avoid colds and high humidity.


Relatively short lives live Scorpions -women on average to 62 years, men to 63 years. Astrologers explain this by the fact that Scorpios are difficult to treat. They prefer to complete their life, without living to an old age, just to get rid of any medical intrusion into their lives.

Tip: Life will become longer without doctors, if you pay enough attention to the prevention of diseases of the throat and urogenital system.


The poor health of Sagittarius affects theirlife expectancy. Musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems with a full bouquet of chronic diseases in the literal sense shorten Sagittarius life. Women rarely overcome the 73-year threshold, and men - 69-year-old.

Advice: Sagittarius women should pay special attention to hair, nails and skin, Male Sagittarius - prostate.

How many years live different signs of the zodiac: who is the long-lived, and who will die young


Capricorns are very hardy. They are bravely experiencing numerous diseases that persistently pursue them until old age. Not only that some of them in their lifetime have to survive not one dozen diseases, so they are also prone to high injuries. An unceasing attack on health does not allow Capricorn women to live longer than 80 years, and men - 77.

Tip: In adulthood, there is a high threat to joints, hearing, biliary tract and digestive system.


On average, all Aquarians live up to 72 years. The health of both men and women Aquarius is difficult to explain by medical logic. In the heat Aquarians are able to easily catch pneumonia, and in the winter cold they do not even sneeze from a long walk without a headdress.

Advice: Beware of diseases related to blood circulation, vision, gastrointestinal disorders and stress.


Women-Pisces manage to live up to 75 years, andfor men - up to 71 years. Astrologers recognized them as the most painful sign of the zodiac. They can see old age only if they overcome numerous lung diseases (dyspnea), joints (arthrosis), skin (lichen, nail fungus).

Tip: Not all Pisces love water. Be careful when using it, and when taking water procedures.

How many years live different signs of the zodiac: who is the long-lived, and who will die young

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