How to clean the ironNo matter how "advanced" your iron is, sooner or later its sole can become dirty. Naturally, normally ironing clothes in this case you are unlikely to come out. Therefore, each hostess should know, how to clean an iron.

At all, for cleaning the soles of the iron from the deposit, scale and plaque there are special tools in the form of a pencil. To clean the iron, you must gently and evenly apply such a tool on the heated soleplate of the iron, and then wipe it with a soft cloth. Should help.

But how to clean the iron, if there is no special remedy within reach? You can use the "folk" means, for example, salt. On a blank sheet of paper, fill a thin layershallow salt, heat the iron and "iron" it with salt until the dirt comes off the soleplate of the iron. Remains of salt brush off the soles of a rag. For best effect, you can mix the salt with finely grated or crumbled paraffin. This method is not suitable for irons with Teflon coating.

If, because of the scum on the sole of the iron, rusty spots, sprinkle them with salt and wipe with a cloth. Too hard water leaves a rusty coating on the soleplate of the iron. In this case, you can clean the iron with dipped in vinegar fleece or cloth. To fight with a strong coating can add to vinegar ammonia. Clean such a composition with a cold sole, do not need to heat the iron!

If the iron is contaminated adhered to him burned synthetic cloth, it is necessary to heat the iron to the maximum temperature. Then wait until the synthetics completely melts. In the event that there is a non-stick coating on the soleplate of the iron, the melted synthetics can be gently scraped off using a wooden (but only wooden!) Blade, and then several times using a sole of the iron on a terry rag.

Stains left after removal of burnt synthetics can be removed Pasta made from water and baking soda. Instead of water, you can use detergent. The paste should be applied to a rag and wipe the soleplate of a cold iron. Remains of pasta rinse with a damp cloth, then wipe the sole dry. You can use this method to remove dirty plaque: fold gauze in several layers, soak it with ammonia and iron it with a warm iron.

Also for iron cleaning use hydrogen peroxide. A peroxide peroxide solution must be applied to a cotton swab or tampon and wipe the soleplate of the iron. There is also a more radical method: one must take hydroperitide tablet, heat the iron to the maximum temperature andhold a tablet on the sole. Note that the hydroperite has a very sharp odor, so you can do this only in a well-ventilated room! Dirt and the remnants of the hydroperite must be removed with a damp cloth, and then wipe the soleplate of the iron dry.

Categorically, do not clean the iron with a knife, metal washcloths, abrasives, etc. They can damage the soleplate of the iron. If the Teflon-coated iron, you can use a nylon wool to remove dirt from the soles. But first the iron should completely cool down.

If you want to clean the iron "hot on the trail", when it is only dirty, grate the iron that has not yet cooled down household soap. Allow the iron to cool, and then wipe off the soap with a damp sponge, and dirt should come off with it.

But of course, It is easier to prevent contamination of the soles than to clean the iron. To prevent contamination, the soleplate of the ironafter each ironing it is necessary to wipe with a damp soft cloth. Synthetic clothes should be ironed through a thin cotton cloth or gauze. When ironing things, be sure to follow the recommendations for ironing (temperature, etc.) indicated by the pictogram on the label.

How to clean the iron
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