Ironing of laundry: useful adviceMany housewives do not like to iron clothes, and they can be understood: ironing is a rather tedious and boring occupation. How to make this process more easy and comfortable?

Comfortable ironing starts from choosing a good iron. There are several basic criteria for a good iron: weight, soles material, handle comfort, steaming system, automatic shut-off.

Iron Handle should be comfortable and ergonomic. You have to choose the iron "for yourself" - you'll have to iron it. Therefore, do not be lazy to hold the iron in your hand and check how comfortable his pen is. Also very important weight of iron. Many mistresses try to choose the easiestIron, so that the hand is less tired. This is not true: the easier the iron, the more we get tired. Heavy iron with a massive sole is better to smooth the folds. If the iron is very light, you will have to lean on it with your whole body, and as a result you will spend more energy.

The sole of the iron should be resistant to scratches and burning. Therefore, it is better to give preference to an iron with a non-stick ceramic sole providing good glide. Irons with a stainless steel or aluminum soleplate should be left in the store.

If the iron is supplied steam stripping system, the steam outlets must beare located in several areas of the sole. In such an iron, it should be convenient to clean the water tank of scale. Also it is necessary to prefer an iron equipped with a system automatic shutdown when not in use: if you forgot to turn off the iron, it will shut itself off after a while.

So, you chose the iron. But that is not all. Comfortable ironing is impossible without properly adjusted ironing height ironing board. If the height is not matched correctly, the arms will bequickly get tired, there may be pain in the wrists. The distance between the ironing board and the elbow of the hand should be 27 cm, no matter whether you sit while ironing or standing.

When you start ironing clothes, check the conditionthe sole of the iron - it must be clean and without carbon deposits. If the sole needs to be cleaned, it is worth using the manufacturer's recommendations (most often the cleaning method depends on the material of the sole). Do not advise to use for cleaning household chemicals and sharp objects. "The People's Method" cleaning sole of iron - iron the hot sifted fine salt.

Best if ironing clothes begins with things from fragile and thin fabrics. Such things are ironed at the lowesttemperatures. And the last thing you need to do is iron the things of their coarse and dense materials. The fact is that the iron cools down much more slowly than it heats up. Ironing of laundry in this order will save time and keep things safe and sound.

Ironing of clothes and clothes from different fabrics has its own nuances. For example, linen things are patted lightlyundried. Things from linen are ground from the inside or through a layer of dry gauze - otherwise things will form shine. For the same reason, thanks to gauze, things are made of wool, flannel, tweed and corduroy, as well as suits of dark colors.

Ironing of linen from linen and sweaters made of knitwear should not be "chaotic". Such things are stroked smooth, leisurely movements up or down, but randomly drive an iron from side to side or around the circle is not worth it.

If the thing you want to pat, decorated with embroidery, beads or rhinestones, and you are afraid of damaging the finish, iron it through a wet terry towel.

The heaviest is usually iron trousers with arrows. These trousers are patted through wet gauze. Begin ironing from the belt and pockets. To the surface of the pockets was even, you can put in them a cardboard tab or a thin wooden bar suitable size. To iron the main surface of the trousers, they are laid out on the ironing board, carefully smooth the arrows of each leg through wet gauze, and then fold the two legs together and iron the entire surface.

After ironing, you need to let them cool. So that you do not need to re-iron clothes and clothes after a while, things are needed fold up. The width and length of the shoulders should match the clothes. Pants are better to hang on hangers with clips that keep them in a direct hanging position.

Ironing of linen can be comfortable, fast and not tiring - you just need to choose the iron, adjust the ironing board and know a few simple tricks.

Ironing of laundry: useful advice
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