Family budget: we patch holes!

Planning of the family budget is becoming more popular. To conduct "home accounting" is very useful, because due to reasonable expenditure of funds you can avoid unnecessary waste and provide yourself a comfortable existence.

To carefully plan the family budgetToday, more and more families are coming, regardless of their level of prosperity. Competent planning is necessary both for people who have huge capital, and for families whose income can not even be called average.

How should we plan the family budget?

If the planning of the family budget has decidedto engage in a young couple, just married, then, as they say, they and the cards in hand. Immediately competently to manage the family budget is much more effective than after a couple of decades to just start thinking about it.

In total, any budget, includingfamily, consists of income and expenses. And if incomes do not cover expenses, then the situation can be changed only by two ways: either increase incomes, or cut costs.

Unfortunately, not every family can increase its incomes repeatedly. But to reduce their costs is quite realistic. For this, first of all, it is necessary to allocate Expenditures.

There can be many items of expenditure, they cancalled differently. The main goal is to systematize their expenditures, to identify "black holes" in the budget. For example, a separate item is the cost of housing: utility bills, telephone, Internet, cable, etc. Expenditure on food and clothing - these are two separate items of expenditure.

As a rule, there are mandatory items of expenditure, such as, for example, housing expenses or food expenses. Without such costs, you just can not do.

But there are also free costs, such asrecreation and entertainment, for visiting and receiving guests, for gifts. To save many families often refuse or substantially "cut" just such expenses.

When the items of expenditure are allocated, it is easy to identify those that "eat" the lion's share of the family budget. Obviously, a lot of money is spent on communalservices. Is it possible to reduce such expenses? Of course, yes. Economical consumption of electricity and water, installation of autonomous heating and good insulation of the apartment - that's what will allow at least a little to reduce the cost of housing.

Another one The "black hole" of the family budget is food. On the one hand, balanced nutrition is extremely important for health, and on the other - the shopping basket becomes more and more expensive every day. How to be?

Saving money on food can and should be done. Buying products for a week or two ahead at wholesale stores and strictly according to a pre-compiled list, you can achieve significant savings. It is also better to buy food not on an empty stomach - then there will be no temptation to buy something extra from the "hungry eyes".

When buying food, you should payattention to their packaging. The goods in the big "economic" packing really help to save, after all it is not necessary to overpay for "superfluous" container. Therefore, cereals, sugar, flour, coffee is much more profitable to buy large "portions" - these products are stored for a very long time.

You can save on food by refusingexpensive advertised goods in favor of similar in quality, but cheaper. In addition, the everyday menu can be simple and unpretentious, and on the weekend you can afford a few delicacies.

Children in the store are a separate issue. Strict statistics assure that parents whocame for products with children, as a rule, they buy much more unnecessary products. Therefore, when visiting a store with a child, you can not go on about it and indulge your whims.

Spending on clothes or household appliances usually not every day. But you can save on them. For example, very often purchases of household appliances are made on credit. Convenient, fast! But overpayments and various commissions can increase the purchase price by 1.5-2 times. Therefore, before you "get involved" in credit, you should carefully consider buying. Is there an urgent need for this purchase? Can I do without credit? Are there more favorable loan terms for this purchase? The answers to these questions will help to make the right decision.

Thus, it is quite possible to plan a family budget. And for those who do not want to bother with a notebook, writing down their incomes and expenses, there is electronic "accountants". Special programs allow you to keep track of income and expenses, plan purchases, etc. Most of these programs are paid, however, their cost soon pays off due to significant savings.

Family budget: we patch holes!
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