How to eat sushi?

Today, oriental cuisine is very popular in allworld. Particularly fond of the European and American people Japanese sushi. Those who start to join the Japanese cuisine or are just about to do it, the question often arises: but what about sushi? So let's talk a little about the rules of land use.

Sushi is usually used whole, they are speciallyare prepared so that it is convenient to eat a piece at a time. According to the Japanese etiquette, men are allowed to eat sushi with their hands, but women should only eat sushi with chopsticks. In domestic restaurants of Japanese cuisine, guests can also find the usual appliances - a knife and a fork. However, eating them sushi is very inconvenient.

Guests in the Japanese restaurant before the order is ready, serve a warm heated towel - mistakenly. Misconception is not only for the purification of handsbefore food, but also for spiritual "purification" - the Japanese believe that mistakenly "removes" negative energy, sets up to eat. After using mistakes it is recommended to roll into a tube - just as it was fed.

Japanese dishes are served soy sauce. It is served in a bottle and poured intospecial bowl as needed. Chopsticks should take sushi, lower (not completely) it into the sauce, and then send it to the mouth. At the same time, the meaning is of the form of land. So, nigiri-sushi in sauce dunk "fish" side down and put the same side in your mouth.

Sushi should not be kept in sauce for a long time, or ricewill get wet. In soy sauce it is necessary to add wasabi - a Japanese version of horseradish. Wasabi is a very spicy seasoning, so it should be added quite a bit. Wasabi can also be placed directly on the land.

To all dishes (except desserts) in Japanese cuisine is also served pickled ginger. Ginger refreshes the oral cavity and disinfects it. Ginger also serves to purify the taste buds before consuming a new type of sushi.

For beginners, a rather big problem is traditional Japanese chopsticks - hasi (hashi). It should be noted that Chinese and Japanese chopsticks are held in different ways.

So first you need to take one stick -keep it at a distance of one-third of the upper end. Place the wand between your thumb and forefinger of your right hand. Hold the wand with a large and ring finger so that the index, middle and thumbs form a ring. If the wand has one end thick, and the other thin, hold so that the thickening is at the top.

The second wand should be placed in parallelfirst, at a distance of about fifteen millimeters. When eating food, only the upper stick should move, the lower stick must remain stationary. Weld sticks next, bending the index finger.

How to eat sushi?How to eat sushi?How to eat sushi?

If you are going to eat sushi with chopsticks, especially if you are in Japan, then you should know some rules of Japanese etiquette regarding the use of sticks.

So, the Japanese do not usually send each other sushi with chopsticks. It is associated with them with a farewell ritual ceremony. If you want to pass the dish to a neighbor - just serve him a plate.

Do not stuck the chopsticks in the food, so that they stand "column". Stick sticks in rice only at funeral ceremonies!

Chopsticks need to pick up slices of food, rather than pierce their food.

Chopsticks are not accepted to swing by talking, to point them at someone.

You can not choose from a common dish a tasty morsel of chopsticks - look in advance at the desired piece and then take it.

Do not lick your sticks or bite.

If you need to shift food from anotherplates in his, then the pieces should be taken with the opposite end of the stick (ie not the one you eat). Also, special serving sticks can be served to the table - then you should use them.

Chopsticks can not be knocked on the table, "draw" them on the table or air, you can not also clamp them in a fist - for the Japanese this is a threatening gesture.

You can not bend too low to the plate when you bring the sushi to your mouth. You can not push the plate with chopsticks - do it with your hands.

When you have finished eating - put the sticks on a special stand.

The etiquette of land use is very important and valuable forthe Japanese - by this they pay tribute to many centuries of tradition. Learning the right way to eat sushi for them is just as important as learning to calligraphically derive hieroglyphs or dress kimonos. Therefore, in order not to feel uncomfortable when visiting a Japanese restaurant, you can practice using sticks at home.

How to eat sushi?
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