British BlueBritish Blue - this is the classic color of breed cats. Cats of this color are loved by many, because it is impossible to resist the gentle and unusual fur coat of an animal. But why else can you love British Blue cats?

The British Blue Cat inherited its coat color from the French Chartreux. It is believed that in England, cats of this colorcame from France, where the blue color of the animal's hair was spread long ago. Despite its current popularity, the breed of British blue was almost lost, as the number of representatives of the breed decreased after the Second World War. But already since the 50-ies of the last century, the population of British blue again began to increase.

British blue for its century-long history of the breed has established requirements for color and quality of wool. So, to the British cats of other colorsnot so strict requirements are imposed, because these animals were withdrawn much later, as, for example, purple. Accordingly, the quality of wool in these cats is worse than in blue. The British blue has a very short but thick coat. Because of this property of wool, the cat becomes like a small fluffy bear. And the body of the British blue also differs in its structure from other breeds of cats: powerful straight paws, broad chest, round head and broad cheekbones. Blue British can not be confused with a cat of another breed.

And now a little about the very color of the coat. Wool cats can have different depths of a certain gray-blue hue. But throughout the cat's body, color always remainssmooth. It is not allowed the presence of white hairs or bald spots on the abdomen, which is typical for cats of other breeds. The hair of the wool is also evenly colored throughout its length. Under the very thick wool of a Briton, the skin of a blue color is hidden. It is characteristic that the mirror of the nose, the pads of the legs and the rims of the mucous membranes also have a rich blue hue.

But the round eyes of the British blue can only be saturated yellow shades. Orange, yellow and copper colors the eyes are accepted as standard within the breed.

British blue cats, as already mentioned, are distinguished by their fur of equal color. Only the kittens can observe the specks. This suggests that even in these beautiful animals the ancestors were cats with spots. As you grow up, the kittens disappear marks on the wool, it becomes an even blue color.

It is said that the blue color of cats is good for the cardiovascular system of a person. This is based on the fact that stroking the thick wool of Britons calms the person. But it is worth remembering that The British blue differs in its peculiar manner. Let the cat and betrayed to the master, but still she always remains wayward: the animal will let her pet or take her hands when she wants it.

Also, the blue British is proud of its pride. It is unlikely that the cat of this breed will ask youfood. Mostly the mastiff will simply sit down at his bowl and will defiantly look at you. Also, the British are characterized by attacks of aggression (although this feature is inherent in almost all breeds of cats).

British blue though and has a willful character, but Problems with teaching her to the tray is never. In this sense, cats are clean. Also, you will not have problems with the cat's accustomed to scratching.

Finally, mention should be made of food for the British blue. Feed the cat requires meat with a small amount of vegetables and rice. Once a week, it is recommended to give gooseoffal. Cut cubs for your cat so that the animal can chew. Chewing meat promotes the development of jaw muscles and the appearance of round cheeks, characteristic for cats of this breed.

British Blue
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