Cat breed Russian blue
Cat breed Russian blue is one of the most popular in our dayhome maintenance, so many, intending to acquire a cat in the house, pay attention to this particular breed. What are the features of Russian blue cats? How correctly to look after them? The Country of Soviets will tell you about this.

Russian blue is a breed of cats recognizedinternational felinological organizations and common in European countries (Sweden, Norway, Czech Republic, Hungary, etc.), in the USA and, of course, in Russia. History of the origin of the breed The Russian blue is ambiguous, and, according to the mostreliable version, these cats are from a couple, taken from Arkhangelsk in 1893 by the English breeder Carew-Cox. Officially, the breed was recognized and standardized in 1935.

Russian blue cats differ calm character, friendly attitude towards people, excellentthe ability to adapt to different conditions. At the same time they are often very obstinate, free-loving. Also, the cats of the breed Russian blue have a strong hunting instinct, therefore they are excellent mousetraps.

Among the owners of Russian blue cats usually choose one or two people, with whom they are especially friendly, and to the restfamily members are neutral. In most cases, the Russian blue wary of all strangers meet, trying to hide in some secluded place during the arrival of guests.

Appearance in Russian blue cats is very attractive: their body is long and graceful, paws are graceful,head wedge-shaped, ears large, pointed. The eyes of these cats are almond-shaped, widely planted and have a delightful bright green color. The main feature of Russian blue cats is, of course, their wool, very soft and silky to the touch, dyed in an even blue color with a silvery tint. The wool of Russian blue cats is not very long, dense, springy.

For all its beauty, the plush "coat" of Russian blue cats does not need any special care: the beauties themselves can maintain it in perfect purity. But still periodically brush the bristle with a natural bristle brush it will be useful: Such care will help to get rid of already dropped hairs and prevent them from getting into the digestive system of a cat. It is especially important to pay attention to combing the Russian blue during molting, when the hair falls out very abundantly.

When keeping at home, the Russian blue cat Pay special attention to the cleanliness of its tray. If the tray is not clean enough, the cat does notconsiders it shameful to use as a toilet any other suitable, in her opinion, place. Therefore for the tray it is best to use a filler with good absorbing properties and do not forget to regularly change it.

In questions supply Russian blue cats are not choosy. They can be satisfied with dry food, provided that it is of high quality and carefully balanced in terms of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. In this case, the cat should always have access to clean fresh drinking water in sufficient quantities.

Russian blue cats very clever, talented, perfectly able to giveto understand a person what they need from him. Such cats are ideal companions for single people, they will also be invariable favorites of families with children. Love your Russian blue cat and your love will always return a hundredfold to you from a fluffy, affectionate and affectionate python.

Cat breed Russian blue
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