The influence of music on a person
We all know perfectly well that music can raise mood, wake up, or on the contrary, put it to sleep. Scientists have proven that the influence of music on a person much more than we could imagine.

Probably, each of us has favorite musical compositions for listening in different periods of life, under different moods. Perceptions of different styles of music each have their own: someone likes to fall asleep under the classics, and for someone you need to hear the chords of heavy rock to wake up. Nevertheless, science has established certain patterns of influence of different music on the mental and physical condition of a person.

Different styles of music can have a different impact on the emotional and even physical health of a person. The influence of music on a person is primarily due to his psychoemotional state. If the music is in harmony with this state, then it can have a positive impact. If there is no harmony, then the influence of music on a person will be extremely negative.

In addition, the factor of perception of music is also national and cultural identity. For example, a European will not always feelhimself comfortable, listening to oriental motifs, and the long-term impact of such music can cause him a strong mental disorder. While the people of Asia are unlikely to like Western music.

But still the beneficial influence of music on man has already been proved. Experts say that what matters is not only the style of music, rhythm and tonality, but also, on which musical instrument the work was performed. The sound of each musical instrument influences a certain system of the human body.

So, playing the piano helps to harmonize the psyche, normalizesthe work of the kidneys and bladder, clears the thyroid gland. Sounds of the body stimulate brain activity, contribute to the normalization of energy flows in the spine.

Stringed instruments: guitar, harp, violin, cello - normalize the work of the cardiovascular system. In addition, the sound of this group of instruments causes a person compassion, a readiness for self-sacrifice.

Wind Instruments contribute to the work of the respiratory system, purify the lungs and bronchi. Beneficial effect on blood circulation.

Percussion instruments, in turn, help restore the rhythm of the heart, treat the liver and circulatory system.

Any music removes muscle tension and increases mobility. Promotes a more accurate and concrete perception of information.

Studying the influence of music on man, scientists have established the miraculous effect of many classical works. Especially a huge number of conversations are conducted around the creations of such geniuses as Mozart, Vivaldi, Grieg, Beethoven, Schubert, Schumann, Tchaikovsky and Debussy. It is believed that Mozart's music activatesbrain activity and contribute to the rapid assimilation of information. To remove the headache will help "Fidelio" Beethoven, Polonaise Oginsky and "Hungarian Rhapsody" Liszt. The best medicine for insomnia can be considered the plays of Tchaikovsky, Grieg and Sibelius. Regular listening to works from the cycle "Seasons" Vivaldi improves memory.

In addition, classical music - the best medicine for rheumatism. After conducting a series of experiments, scientists proved that patients who listened to music recovered twice as fast as those who did not listen to the classics.

The positive influence of music on a person is provided by and folk compositions. Ethnic music helps to relax andto calm down. Returning a person to his historical roots, folk music promotes the discovery of energy centers and normalization of life flows. Clears the space from the negative impact, sates the energy of the human bio field.

To determine, what influence the music has on you, try to listen to yourself while listening to different styles of music, to understand what feelings and emotions you get from this music piece.

The influence of music on a person
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