Undivided love
About love poems are written, songs are added. For the sake of this wonderful feeling, people perform feats and are ready to flee to the end of the world. But often the barrier to happiness and a bright future is undivided love, which breaks its wings and causes the lover to return from heaven to earth.

Ironically, it is unrequited love becomes the reason of the majority of references to the psychologist. A person feels the desperation of the situation, but can not cope with it alone.

The reasons why love becomesundivided, mass: the object of love is married, older, higher in social or material circumstances or simply does not reciprocate. Most often, undivided love becomes a problem for quite young people. According to psychologists, the most "amorous" age is 14-22 years. Adolescent boys often fall in love with the firstbeauty of the school, while the girls amicably "dry" on the same boy. Naturally, such love often becomes undivided and entails a whole heap of emotional experiences and psychological trauma.

As they say, love all ages are submissive, and often unrequited love comes to adults, formed personalities. In this case, it is experienced less emotionally than in "tender age," but it often turns out to be more serious and hopeless.

The most common question that those who experience unrequited love ask themselves and others: is it worth fighting for your happiness. Most psychologists claim that it's worth it, but only if it's really love, pure and sincere, and not a banal sense of ownership, which many confuse with love.

As the saying goes, forcibly you will not be nice. You do not need to become a "shadow" of your objectdreams, to walk on heels, to fill up with flowers and confessions. This can only be done worse. After all, undivided love in most cases becomes a problem both for the one who loves, and for the one to whom sympathy is directed.

Try to distance yourself from the object of your love. Constant meetings and conversations are sure to lead to a deaf corner, after all, a truly in love person rarely can think logically and soberly assess the situation, than it causes a lot of trouble to his lover.

So first of all pay attention to yourself. Strange as it may seem, you are hopelessly in love, oddly enough, too you can find the positive side. Often, undivided love becomes goodstart for self-improvement. The desire to look worthy in the eyes of his beloved forces people to achieve great heights in their careers and in their personal development. In addition, history knows a lot of examples, when undivided love became a source of inspiration and gave life to beautiful works of world culture.

Self improvement in any case, will bear fruit. Either your chosen one in the end will pay attention to you, or you will simply get rid of your undivided love once and for all.

If you yourself became the object of undivided love, try to understand the man in love with you. Do not torture him with empty promises and give hope that you can still be together. Talk to him, explain why love for you will not bring him anything good. Do not be afraid to upset this person, and do not delay with clarifying the relationship. After all, on a feeling of pity, love can not be built, no matter how hard you try.

The situation is worse with those who have a relationship with the object of their undivided love. If in a relationship someone loves, and someone allows themselves to love, usually lose two. Since for a long time such a "love" will not last. Someone necessarily tired of the current situation, which will lead to even more unfortunate consequences.

Sometimes it happens that a person intentionally keeps near One who loves him undividedly. Like, I do not like you, but I like to watch how you love me. Such relationships acquire a separate meaning. In this situation, the main thing is to understand in time that you are being trivialized, and then the object of love will suddenly become less attractive.

The medicine for unrequited love is for everyone. And, if you manage to pull yourself together, you will definitely find it. If your undivided love was really hopeless, release it. Switch to something else: work, family, fascinating hobby, start an animal or a house plant. Direct your unspent energy to another channel, and you will see that the world is recovering again. A for each "good-bye" will inevitably be followed by a new "hello."

If you are familiar with undivided love, share your story with those who still suffer from it. And, perhaps, your experience will help someone to find their happiness.

Undivided love
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