BMW 5 series

The ergonomics of the driver's seat and interior decoration, at one time, were recognized as one of the best in the class, but, of course, from the standpoint of today, the old "five" looks simple to asceticism.


Internal dynamics and elegance are expressed insingle smooth movement from the dashboard to the door. This feeling does not leave you. All high-quality controls are ergonomically placed, their perfect layout can be felt as soon as you sit in the car.

The difference between a good and an exceptional car lies in the basic concept. Experienced drivers will appreciate the concept of ergonomics of the new BMW 5 Series.


BMW 5 Series is equipped with 4, 6-cylinderdiesel and petrol power units, as well as an 8-V TwinPower Turbo engine. Less than 140 g / km CO2 - for most sedans this is the task of a distant future.

Four-cylinder engine model BMW 520dovercomes this border as easily as the BMW 5 Series sedan accelerates. And thanks to the eight-cylinder engine of the model BMW 550i you can dispose of 300 kW (407 hp) or simply enjoy 600 Nm at 1750 rpm. What is the secret of rapid acceleration without effort?

It consists of turbochargers placed in the V-shaped space between the cylinders. A special compact design reduces the exhaust gas path, ensuring complete controllability.

5.0 seconds, for which the BMW 550i accelerates from place to 100 km / h, really amaze, as well as the ability of the engine to react instantly to every touch of the gas pedal.

BMW 5 series


One second - and 28 meters. That's the amount of time you spend to look away from the road and see a 100 km / h speedometer on the speedometer. Projection display designs the current speed of your car in the line of sight on the windshield.

Just specify the required speed and relax: active cruise control automatically reduces your speed to a complete stop if a car moving at a slower speed has appeared ahead.

An excellent overview in difficult situations: up to five cameras provide a BMW 5 Series sedan excellent visibility in any situation.

The design of the car uses hot-rolled multi-phase steel to provide highest level of passenger protection and greater security of third parties involved in the collision.

Such security is achieved by paying offcar shock force in the deformation zones, while the action paths of the loads divert the impact energy from the passengers. When colliding with a pedestrian, the automatic system raises the hood to absorb shock force.

In the event of an accident, the system automaticallycall center. The location of the BMW 5 Series sedan and other data determined by the sensors (such as airbag deployment and number of passengers) are analyzed and sent to the nearest emergency service center.

Thus, before you leave for the placeaccidents, emergency services receive full information about the nature of the collision and the risk of injury. The emergency call, which is part of the BMW ConnectedDrive, can also be activated manually, for example, if you are a witness of a collision.

BMW 5 series

Specifications BMW 5-Series (E60) 520d

  • Body: 4 dv. sedan (E60)


  • Engine type: L4

  • Engine layout: Front, longitudinally

  • Supercharging: with intercooler

  • Engine capacity, cu. see: 1995

  • Achieved when the ob. in m .: 4000

  • Power, hp: 163

  • Torque, Nm / rev. in m: 340/2000

  • Maximum speed, km / h: 223

  • Acceleration time to 100 km / h, sec .: 8.6

  • Fuel grade: diesel fuel

  • Fuel consumption (mixed cycle), l. per 100 km .: 5.1

  • Fuel consumption (in city), l. per 100 km: 6.5

  • Fuel consumption (outside the city), l. per 100 km: 4.3

  • Valves per cylinder: 4

  • Camshaft timing system: dohc

  • Power system: Direct injection

  • Diameter of the cylinder, mm: 84

  • Piston stroke, mm: 90

  • CO2 Exhaust, g / km: 136

  • Coefficient of compression: 17

Drive unit

  • Drive Type: Rear-wheel drive


  • Gearbox: Manual transmission

  • Number of stages: 6


  • Front: Independent, spring-type, type McPherson with stabilizer on aluminum subframe

  • Rear: Independent multi-link with anti-roll bar


  • Front: Disk ventilated, 324 mm

  • Rear: Disk ventilated, 320 mm


  • Length, mm: 4840

  • Width, mm: 1850

  • Height, mm: 1470

  • Wheelbase, mm: 2890

  • Track of wheels in front, mm: 1560

  • Track of wheels at the back, mm: 1580


  • Number of beds: 5

  • Tire size: 225 / 55R16

  • The equipped weight, kg: 1485

  • Permissible weight, kg: 2050

  • Cargo capacity, l: 520

  • The volume of the fuel tank, l: 70

  • Turning diameter, m: 11

  • Warranty against corrosion, years: 6

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