Chevrolet Spark
Chevrolet Spark This is a 5-door compact car, equipped with many useful features for city driving.

A nice micro-car that is easy to buy, convenient to maintain, nice to drive and park. The ideal city car: versatile, agile and stylish.

Spaciousness and maneuverability

The Spark car will let you experience the previously unavailable pleasure - explore your city, lightning fast sliding in the flow of cars, easily and silently stopping in the right places, turning a powerful body with one careless motion of the steering wheel ...

Now nothing is impossible for you. A spacious salon with 5 doors is an opportunity to accommodate with maximum comfort.

Unique appearance

Bright and unusual look The car reflects the nature of the car. Imagine the front lights, made in an unusual manner, round taillights, as well as short overhangs and a swift image as a whole.

Look at the "face" of the car - she smiles at you! Additional equipment includes front fog lamps, a rear spoiler and upper luggage bars.

Enjoying the traffic

As you know, a modern city is a lot of traffic jams, through which you have to wade with the risk of being late for an important meeting.

Maneuverable and lightweight Spark makes this problem solvable: thanks to the power steering you can park even in the closest and most inconvenient place for other cars.

Your passengers, who are in the back seat,get a fairly spacious place - the roof is high above your head, as well as an excellent overview, as the seats are slightly elevated. If you need to transport long and bulky goods, they can be folded, thereby freeing up space in the cabin.

Chevrolet Spark

Elegant style

Interior Spark is different ergonomics and convenience. The central console looks elegant andmodern, as well as door inserts, decorated with metal details. On the center console are control devices, harmoniously combined in color with the upholstery of seats and with the elements of the body.

All together creates an atmosphere of comfort and friendliness. Have satisfied the pleasure of traveling air conditioning and audio system Blaupunkt with the ability to read MP3.

Trifles are also important!

You, of course, know that there are no trifles in our life - every detail is important and necessary. This is known to the creators of Spark. That's why the owner of this car gets the most convenient and spacious interior, in which everything is aimed at quickly solving any problems arising during the movement.

For example, in order to increase the usable volume from 170 to 845 liters, you just need to perform elementary actions - to fold the passenger seats.

The main thing is security

Traveling the city on Spark, you can beare fully confident in their own safety, as well as in the safety of their passengers. At the service of this goal, everything is delivered, from an improved body structure and a strengthened front rack.

In addition, manufacturers took care of ABS anti-lock braking system, naturally there are front and side airbags, three-point safety belts, designed for each of the passengers.

If you have children, they will also be comfortable traveling: two fasteners are mounted behind ISOFIX, with which you can easily install children's chairs and not worry about the safety of young passengers.

A reliable option for urban residents

The creators of the car Spark supplied him with two economical and reliable engines: volume 0,8 l (power 52 hp) - for trips around the city, liter engine with a capacity of 66 liters. from. is the most suitable choice for long-distance country trips.

Becoming a happy owner of Spark, you canto rely on reliability, high reliability and serious speed, as well as on the constant admiring looks of drivers and passengers of cars of other brands.

Chevrolet Spark

Technical specifications S 0.8 MT

Fuel economy
Fuel consumption: urban cycle (l / 100km)6,9
Fuel consumption: out-of-town cycle (l / 100km)4,2
Fuel consumption: mixed cycle (l / 100km)5,2
CO2 emissions (g / km)127
Emission level / Compliance with environmental standardsEcological class Euro IV
Length (mm)3495
Width (mm)1495
Height (mm)1518
Height without rails (mm)1500
Wheelbase (mm)2345
Track of front wheels (mm)1310
Track of rear wheels (mm)1275
The minimum turn radius (m)4,6
Volume of luggage compartment with rear seats raised (l)170
The volume of the luggage compartment with the rear seats folded (l)845
Ceiling height above the front seats (mm)1004
Ceiling height above rear seats (mm)959
Width of salon at shoulder height of front passengers (mm)1250
The width of the cabin at the level of the shoulders of the rear passengers (mm)1250
Space for feet of front passengers (mm)1022
Space for the feet of the rear passengers (mm)900
Fuel tank capacity (l)35
Maximum permissible mass (kg)1250
Ground clearance (mm)135
External equipment
Door handles in body color-
Bumpers in body color-
Two-color front bumper-
Rear-view mirror in body color-
Front fog lights-
Tinted glass +
Rear spoiler-
Spare wheel (incomplete)+
Comfort seats
Adjusting the driver's seat in height-
Side pocket in front passenger seat-
Pocket in the back of the front passenger seat-
Pocket in the back of the driver's seat-
Folding rear seats in a 60/40 ratio+
Rear headrests for 3 passengers+
Easy management
Power steering-
Rear window wiper+
Front power windows-
Rear power windows-
Heated rear window+
The electric drive of rear-view mirrors-
Rear parking sensor-
The electric drive of a lateral rear-view mirror from the passenger side-
Audio system
4 speakers-
6 speakers-
Radio and CD / MP3 player-
Audio preparation+
Microclimate and heating
Air conditioner with air filter-
Active security
Passive safety
Front airbags for driver and front passenger-
Side airbags for driver and front passenger-
Height-adjustable front seat belts-
ISOFIX child seat fixings+
Front seat belt pretensioners+
Front Driver Side Airbag-
Protection against theft
Engine immobilizer+
central locking-
Remote opening of doors-
Blue fabric-
Gray fabric+
Orange fabric-
Yellow fabric-

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