Chevrolet lacetti
Chevrolet lacetti differs simple and simultaneously "stylish" combination of various indicators. Stylish and spacious interior of the salon.

Clear lines of the bonnet and chrome radiator grille, along the edges of which are large headlights, gives the car a unique look.

Engine volume 1,8 l and a power of 122 hp. allows you to accelerate the car to maximum speed 189 km / h.

With this engine, in addition to the manual transmission, it is also offered automatic.

Thanks to the very sensitive steeringcontrol, sport springs and shock absorbers, double-wishbone rear suspension and McPherson struts, the Lachetti car is capable of performing very complex maneuvers and has excellent running characteristics.

To ensure excellent driving performance invarious weather conditions and on any road surface, the optional Traction Control system, if necessary, gives the car extra power.

Thanks to the unsurpassed design of the seats, any person can easily and reliably manage Lachetti.

Everything in this car has modern and clear forms. The steering column and telescopic steering wheel with metal inserts on the spokes (which are installed on the CDX versions) give the interior sportiness.

Variable electronic climate control system (climate control) (CDX) automatically adjusts the temperature of the air in the cabin and gives you the opportunity to feel a rush of fresh air.

Lacetti offers a wider and diverse in its class room for placing different items and allows you to comfortably accommodate five people.

Wherever necessary, there are pencil cases, stands and pockets for storing various things.

Standard equipment LACETTI: bumper in body color, ABS, power steering,driver's and passenger's airbag, tinted windows, heated rear window (timer), hydro-corrector of headlights, power windows (CDX - front and rear, SE and SX - front), central locking, side molding in body color (SX, CDX), decorative caps.

Chevrolet lacetti

Doors of the car have a safety bar fromside impact, door handles and exterior mirrors in body color (SX, CDX), seats with lumbar support (SX, CDX, for body hatchback only in the CDX kit), folding rear seats with head restraints (SX, CDX), front ventilated brake discs . Front suspension type McPherson. Tachometer. Meets the requirements Euro-2.

Chevrolet Lacetti

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BodyHatchbackHatchbackSedanSedanSedanRailway carriage
Model1.6 SE1.8 CDX1.6 DOHC SE1.8 DOHC SX1.8 DOHC CDX1.8 DOHC CDX
Automatic transmission-+--+-
Air conditioning+-++-+
Climate control-+--+-
Alloy wheels-+--++
Tire size R141514151515
- the driver++++++
- passenger++++++
- lateral-+--+-
Adjustable steering column++++++
El. mirror adjustment-+++++
Audio preparation++++++
Front antitheft. lights-+--+-
Center armrest-+-+++

Chevrolet lacetti


Technical datasedan 4-door modifications hatchback 5-door modifications estate 5-door modification
engine's type1.6 SE 1.8 SX / CDX 1.6 SE 1.8 SX / CDX 1.8 SX / CDX
Width (without external mirrors), mm 1725
The equipped weight, kg 1255/1305 1285/1310 1245/1355 1325/1430
Length, mm 4500 4295 4580
Fuel tank, l 60
Clearance, mm 145
Volume of cargo hold, l 405 275/1045 422/1254
engine's typeDOHC
Engine displacement, cm3 1598 1799 1598 1799
Engine power, hp, rpm 108.8 / 5800 122.4 / 5800 108.8 / 5800 122.4 / 5800
Torque Nm (ISO) 150/4000 165/4000 150/4000 165/4000
Transmissia 5-stup. fur. 5-stup. fur. / 4-stup. machine. 5-stup. fur. 5-stup. fur. / 4-stup. machine.
Maximum speed, km / h 185 189/180 (MT / AT) 185 189/180 (MT / AT)
Acceleration time from 0 km / h. up to 100 km / h., sec 12,4 11/13 12,4 11/13
Engine toxicity class Euro 2
Fuel consumption 99/100 / EG (l / 100 km city / highway / mixed cycle) 9.1 / 6.0 / 7.1 9.8 / 6.2 / 8.1 (MT) / 12.5 / 7.1 / 9.1 (AT) 9.1 / 6.0 / 7.1 9.8 / 6.2 / 8.1 (MT) / 12.5 / 7.1 / 9.1 (AT)

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