Chevrolet Aveo

Pay attention to the sedan Aveo - this car is created taking into account all modern requirements. Its practicality in combination with a beautiful design and the highest technical characteristics can not but cause delight.

The relation "price quality"Is fully justified in this car.

Laconism and comfort

Thought out to trivia and the instrument panel Aveo, alldevices and pointers are in their places and exactly where the driver expects to see them. Nothing superfluous does not distract him from driving.

Control Panel climate control and modern audio system from Blaupunkt with the ability to play a variety of formats, including mp3, located on the center console. There you can also find the deflectors of the ventilation system, and the digital clock panel.

Control systems are made on the steering wheel, which greatly facilitates the action and makes the movement safe.

Harmony of design

Perfect shapes and compactness is a 4-doorsedan Aveo. Powerful grille, wide bumpers, enveloping the corners of the front wings, volumetric belt line and headlights determine the design of the front of the car.

The finished and attractive look of the sedan extended wheel arches, expressive tail lights with an elegant trunk line.

Modern style combined with practicality and comfort make Aveo one of the best cars in this class.

Salon - comfort and exquisite style

Create a comfortable environment in the cabin helptwo-tone finish and carefully thought-out laconic lines of the front panel. You can just sit behind the wheel, adjust the rearview mirror, turn the key in the ignition and go.

Each driver will notice convenience of arrangement of devices on the control panel. The car is equipped with an on-board computer, an electric window lift and an audio system, while in some models the receiver can be controlled directly from the steering wheel.

You will certainly enjoy driving on the Aveo, this will be facilitated by a high ceiling, air conditioning and the possibility to settle in comfort.

Chevrolet Aveo

Security - above all

This condition is one of the maincreating models Aveo. Security is ensured by the reinforced steel frame, absorbing the impact energy of the bumpers and the pre-programmed deformation zone.

In addition, cars are equipped with Airbags and 3-point seat belts.

Thought over to the smallest detail

Aveo is ideal for trips around the city and for long trips. For urban conditions, you can choose a 1.2-liter engine with a power of 72 hp.

The gasoline consumption will be only one tank for 680 km. For the route, an excellent solution will be a 16-valve engine with a capacity of 1.4 liters and a power of 94 hp.

Chevrolet Aveo

Basic equipment

Model1.5 S1.5 SE1.5 SX
Automatic transmission--+
Power steering+++
El. glass-lifts-++
- before.-++
- back.--+
El. mirror adjustment-++
El. re-heating mirrors-++
Easy-alloy. disks---
Centre. Castle-++
Driver airbag-++
Passenger airbag Pass.--+
Air conditioning-++
Front fog lights-++
Tinted windows+++


Chevrolet Aveosedanhatchback
1.5 S1.5 SE1.5 SX1.5 SE
Length, mm43103880
Width, mm17101670
Curb weight, kg1120/12051055/1165
Clearance, mm150
Fuel tank, l45
Volume of luggage compartment, l320195
engine's type4-cylinder. SOHC
Engine displacement, cm31498
Engine power, hp at rpm. (ISO)85.7 / 5600
Torque Nm at rpm. (ISO)130/3000
Transmision5-speed manual4-speed automatic5-speed manual
Maximum speed, km / h176
Acceleration time from 0 km / h. up to 100 km / h., sec11,1
Engine toxicity classEuro 2
Fuel consumption 99/100 / EG (l / 100 km city / highway / mixed cycle8.6 / 6.1 / 7.0

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