Citroen C1
Citroen C1 - a lively, energetic, bright and compact car that complements the Citroen line in the mini class along with C2, C3 and C3 Pluriel.


Ultra-compact C1 - the most affordable of the line of Citroen. Small size, reasonable price and availability of all necessary functions make it very attractive in its segment.

The car is all the more interesting because of the presence of twobody versions: the elegant 3-door model is perfect for people who mainly use front seats, and a comfortable 5-door model will provide maximum comfort for four passengers.

The design of the new model violates many established standards for cars of this class.

In the bright style of C1 are traced as modernthemes, and branded features of the brand. At the front there are huge headlights, dropping almost from the windshield to the edge of the rounded front bumper of the car.

On the steep "forehead" of the hood are housed large chrome-plated "chevrons".

Dynamics of the appearance of the car gives the company a "hall" of the window line and the reverse slope of the rear rack.

The original design of the rear doors on the 5-door version is originally solved: they extend to the very edge of the lanterns "flowing" on the side of the rear rack.

In this case, in the 3-door version of the C1 door modelare elongated. Thanks to this decision with the same length of 3- and 5-door bodies, it was possible to keep the proportionality of the 5-door body and to facilitate the landing and landing of passengers in the three-door version.

Behind the futuristic triangular blocks of lanterns with transparent optics elements frame the glass tailgate.

By placing the wheels at the corners of the body, the designers provided decent comfort for 4 passengers and enough space for their luggage, even looking at the modest length of the car at 3.4 meters.

If it is necessary to transport large-sizedthings can be folded back seats - then the volume of the trunk reaches 751 liters. And for various trifles, which should always be at hand, there are 12 compartments and drawers in the front panel, the doors and between the seats.

Citroen C1


Engine C1 in spite of the 1.0 liter working volumeprovides sufficient power (68 hp) and torque. At the same time, the average fuel consumption is only 4.6 l / 100 km, which makes the exploitation of C1 the most profitable.

The buyer can choose the version as fromtraditional manual gearbox, and with a robotic SensoDrive gearbox, capable of operating in automatic mode, which also significantly facilitates driving on the car.

Citroen C1 is the perfect choice if you need a stylish, bright and non-standard car for city trips!

Citroen C1


ModelC1 3P 1.0i / C1 5P 1.0iC1 3P 1.0i BP / C1 5P 1.0i BP
Body type3-door5 door3-door5 door
CPR mechanical, 5robotic mechanics
SensoDrive, 5
Compliance with emission standards Euro IVEuro IV
Number of cylinders 33
Volume, cm3998 998
Diameter of the cylinder, mm - Piston stroke, mm 71 - 84 71 - 84
Maximum power EEC (kW - rpm) 50 - 6 000 50 - 6 000
Maximum power DIN (hp - rpm) 68 - 6 000 68 - 6 000
Maximum torque EEC (Nm-rpm) 93 - 3,600 93 - 3,600
Dimension Michelin 155/65 14 "
Axle - Suspension
Front:MacPherson with anti-roll bar
Rear:transverse beam
Front / Reardisk ventilated / drum
Dimensions / Capacity / Volume
Length - Width, mm3 435 - 1 630
Height - Wheelbase, mm1 465 - 2 340
Luggage compartment volume, dm3139139
The volume of the luggage compartment with the folded seats of the second row, dm3712751712751
Weight Characteristics
Curb weight (EEC min), kg 790800825835
Gross vehicle weight, kg1 1601 1701 1801 190
Front / rear axle load (EEC min), kg 495 - 295 495 - 305 505 - 320 505 - 330
Carrying capacity, kg 370 355
Speed ​​characteristics
0 - 400 m, s19,319,5
0 - 1,000 m (driver one), with35,535,6
0 - 100 km / h, from13,714,0
Maximum speed, km / h157 157
City cycle, l / 100 km5,5
Country cycle, l / 100 km4,1
Mixed cycle, l / 100 km4,6
CO2 (g / km)109

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