Hyundai i10: review, specifications, photos

Initiative for the serial production of Hyundai i10became a state program, which is designed to increase consumer interest in new cars. This 5-door model is an excellent inexpensive urban option. However, you are unlikely to find anything new here. Everything is pretty standard. In addition, the price of a new car is almost the same as its predecessor. And, nevertheless, Hyundai i10 may well become a worthy competitor to Skoda Citigo.


However, regardless of marketing goalsKorean company, the technical characteristics of the car slightly improved. It is immediately evident that the manufacturers tried to do everything possible to improve the behavior of the car on the road. We tested a sample equipped with a 1-liter three-cylinder gasoline engine. In fact, this engine is an exact copy of what stands under the hood of Kia Picanto.

Hyundai i10: review, specifications, photos

But due to a special soundproof liningand double sealing of each door, the motor runs much quieter. The car is very smoothly gaining momentum. And even the noise that the driver hears at maximum rpm is quite pleasant. Declared 100 km / h in 14.9 seconds is not exactly true.

But it should be understood that this carvery different tasks. Therefore, if you have to overcome the slopes or go level with the rest of the urban movement, you will not experience any problems. The Hyundai i10 is controlled by a 5-speed gearbox, which allows you to squeeze the maximum out of this model, which is not particularly powerful.

Hyundai i10: review, specifications, photos

Therefore it is very important not to overdo it. Otherwise, you will find your 40-liter tank absolutely empty pretty quickly. The steering will seem very light and pleasant. It allows you to confidently keep the car on the road. It is also worth noting the good brakes.

Exterior and interior

Probably, very few people expected something special fromappearance of the new model. And, nevertheless, there is something to see. It is equipped with 14-inch wheels and 65-profile rubber. At the same Hyundai i10 perfectly copes with irregularities, cracks and pits on the roads. In view of the fact that the machine is designed to move more around the city, manufacturers supplied the new model with a wide windshield.

Hyundai i10: review, specifications, photos

At the same time, the car itself is a bit wider. The car looks best from the front. The antifog headlights give the model a rather interesting appearance, and the elegant shape of the front dimensions gives the overall appearance a special twist. It has something from Reno Clio. And this time Hyundai i10 pleases us with a very spacious interior, in which 4 adults will comfortably be accommodated.

All four doors are very wide and convenientopen. Inside the new model is equipped with a capacious glove box, into which you can easily fit a mobile phone, a navigator and much more. Pleasantly pleased with the materials used for interior trim. Everything is at a very high level. All buttons and panels are made of high-quality and expensive plastic, which is very pleasant to the touch.

Hyundai i10: review, specifications, photos

The central panel is made of more rigidmaterial in order to minimize the possibility of its wear and tear. The model is also supplemented by automatic climate control, cruise control and even heated steering. The luggage compartment is also pleased with its spaciousness. It has much more space than, for example, Citigo.

Its volume is 252 liters, and withit can be increased to 1,064 liters by removing the rear seats. In conclusion, I want to say that for today, Hyundai i10 can rightly be called the best car in its class. It is well equipped and has everything you need for a comfortable ride around the city. This model will be an ideal choice for buyers and a worthy opponent to all its rivals.

Hyundai i10: review, specifications, photos

Hyundai i10: video review

Author: Katerina Sergeenko

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