KIA Picanto

Kia Picanto - a small and elegant car with a character. By the dandy clothes it is immediately evident that Kia Picanto is not devoid of taste.

In a small Kia Picanto will fit freelyfour adults. Prompt Kia Picanto demonstrates a decent dynamics and at any time can grow up in an adult way and rebuff the disliked bully. In a big city, the compact Kia Picanto will allow you to turn around on the very smallest part of the road, sneak into the narrowest slit, park where many people do not fit even with great desire, and fill up almost twice less often than the rather economical cars of the golf class.

Cute looks, bright comfortable interior, maneuverability, ease incontrol, economy, generous safety equipment and ease of trunk transformation are all those characteristics of Kia Picanto, which put it in the series of the most comfortable, reliable and safe cars.


Stylish, in some ways even sports design lines Picanto fully consistent with the current European tastes. In front of the car stands a trapezoidal grille with vertical inserts.

The rounded front bumper carries a wideair intake, and at the edges has polygonal fog lights. Moderately large rounded optics with large trapezoidal air intakes and convex bumpers give the car an exclusive piquancy. Headlamps with integrated headlights provide good illumination.

Sports outlines of side windows, fringedblack door frames and separated by a narrow middle pillar, create the impression of a one-piece side window, visually extending the car. The wide rear post adds a sense of stability and echoes the design Carens. Mirrors and door handles can be painted in body color.

KIA Picanto

Design interior designed in terms offunctionality and ergonomics and is executed in continuation of the exterior. It consists of curved surfaces and rounded contours. On the console is conveniently located handles of the air conditioner, which for simplicity of perception are executed with illumination.

In the interior design will please the eye color insertsin the seats specially selected in the factory in such a way that they are in harmony with the body color. The three-spoke steering wheel has a Kia logo in the center, a height adjustment and an airbag.

The car makes it easy to connect externalmusic carriers, and the controls for the ventilation and air-conditioning system of the passenger compartment are located on the central console for maximum convenience. For ease of control, they are rounded. The whole console is made of high-quality plastic in the color of the interior trim, which, in turn, corresponds to the color of the car.

With automatic transmission, the shift leverhas an insert of metal on the front surface, which gives a special charm to the interior. All Kia Picanto are equipped with electric windows and adjustments to the exterior mirrors.

AKP does not presume the possibility of compulsorychoice of gears, which is especially important for car lovers who do not have to lose time for additional switching. The cover of the door maps consists of a combination of plastic and fabric in the color of the interior. On the driver's door there are buttons for controlling electric windows and mirrors. Excellent design, the availability of many places for storage and transportation of things makes the salon Kia Picanto stylish and practical.


Kia Picanto has a petrol engine of 1.1 liters. capacity of 65 hp The engine has excellent technical characteristics and low fuel consumption. According to internal tests, the engine 1.1L. consumes about 100 kilometers about 6 liters of fuel, accelerates the car to 100 km / h in 15.1 / 17.4 seconds. and develops a maximum speed of 154/145 km / h (for a 5-step mechanical / 4-step automatic transmission, respectively).


The safety level of the new car from Kia corresponds to the latest standards and standards for small cars. Active safety includes disc brakes on the front and drum on the rear wheels.

To the passive security elements included in thestandard equipment include front airbags for the driver and passenger, three-point safety belts, shockproof beams, protecting against side impacts, child locks of the rear doors and ISOFIX attachment for children's seats.

KIA Picanto

Technical specifications of KIA Picanto

Engine: 1.1 MPi SOHC
Scope 1086
Maximum power (hp / rpm) 65/5500
Maximum torque (kg / rpm) 9.9 / 2800
Mechanical / Automatic 5MT / 4AT
Front Disk ventilated
Rear Drum
Front Independent, such as McPherson
Rear One-piece beam with torsion bar and springs
Wheels 155/70 R13, 165/60 R14
Fuel Tank (L) 35
Fuel consumption per 100 km:
City cycle 6.5 / 7.6
Track 4.6 / 5.1
Mixed cycle 5.3 / 6.0
Maximum speed (km / h) 154/145
Acceleration to 100 km (s) 15.1 / 17.9
Dimensions (mm):
Length 3535
Width 1595
Height 1480
Wheelbase 2370
Minimum ground clearance (mm) 145
Vehicle weight (kg) 936/954

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