Renault Logan MCV

With the advent of Logan MCV the lineup of Renault is supplemented by a new model with a body wagon (5- and 7-seater versions) and wide possibilities.

Logan MCV's overall dimensions significantly exceed Logan's.

Length: 4450 mm (+ 20 cm compared to Logan)

Width: 1993 mm (equal to Logan)

Height: 1640 mm (+ 13 cm compared to Logan)

Wheelbase: 2905 mm (+ 27.5 cm compared to Logan)

Ground clearance: 160mm

The organization of the driver's seat is spatially and functionally oriented to the driver, which ensures a pleasure from the trip.

Control Panel comfort systems (air conditioning, radio, etc.) is conveniently located and easy to handle. On the second and third rows of seats can comfortably accommodate five adult passengers of high growth.

Renault Logan MCV ideal for a large family, as well as for drivers who are looking for a multifunctional roomy car.


Great and well-organized interior space make the Renault Logan MCV the ideal station wagon for a large family, as well as for drivers who are looking for a multi-purpose spacious car.

Salon Logan MCV is easily transformed according to four possible configurations: 2, 4, 6 or 7 places.

Reliable, practical and functional Logan MCV will give you even more interior space to realize your ideas!

Due to the wide possibilities of modularity of seats and easily accessible places of the third row, Salon Logan MCV convenient and functional. On the second and third rows of seats can comfortably accommodate five adult passengers of high growth.

Do you need to transport a bulky cargo? It's enough just to fold the seats.

The volume of the luggage compartment is modulated according to your needs: from 200 liters for the seven-seat version, 700 liters for a five-seat version, up to 2350 liters for Logan MCV in a two-seater configuration.

Renault Logan MCV

The rear swing asymmetrical doors (1/3 - 2/3) of the luggage compartment are optimal and practical, both for loading one small bag and bulk cargo.

Renault Logan MCV easily adaptable both for the transportation of passengers and large-sized cargo.


The designers Uncompromising reliability and durability new model. Defining criteria were strength, economy of operation and cost of maintenance. On this principle, all technical solutions were built.

Whatever the quality of the road or the weather conditions, Logan MCV guarantees you ease of management and traffic safety.

The high quality of the reinforced suspension ensures excellent car behavior on the road.

This car is designed so that you can enjoy the journey in complete security, as Renault Logan fully meets strict European safety standards.

Renault Logan MCV

Technical specifications Renault Logan MCV

Specifications Dacia Logan MCV

Number of seats



Engine capacity, cm 3


Cylinder diameter / stroke, mm

79.5 X 80.5

Number of Cylinders / Valves


Compression ratio

9.5: 1

Maximum power, kW (hp, DIN) at the crankshaft rotation frequency, rpm

64 (90) / 5500

Maximum torque, N / m at the crankshaft speed, rpm


Type of fuel


Type of injection of fuel



Type, number of forward gears



Diameter of turn on the axis of the track of the front outer wheel, m



Front suspension

Pseudo - "McPherson" with a triangular shape

Rear suspension

H - shaped axis with programmable deformation, connected with screw springs and vertical shock absorbers

Wheels and tires


6.0 J 15

Tires front / rear

185/65 R 15

Type of brake system

ABS Bosch 8.0 + EBV

Depending on the configuration

Front / rear brake actuators

Disc / drum

Operational characteristics

Maximum speed, km / h


Acceleration time 0-100 km / h, sec.

13.4 / 13.7

Consumption according to EU standards No. 99/100, l / 100 km

City cycle

10.4 / 10.6

Country Cycle

6.3 / 6.5

Mixed cycle

7.8 / 8.0

Capacitive characteristics and filling capacities

Fuel tank capacity, l


Weight (kg)

Mass of the equipped vehicle


Maximum authorized vehicle weight with loading


Total weight of the car with the trailer


Maximum payload


Permissible mass of the trailer equipped with brakes


Permissible mass of trailer not equipped with brakes


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