Mitsubishi Lancer X Ralliart

Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart is the link between the car Lancer X and sport car Lancer Evolution, the real incarnation sports power in the format of "urban" car.

Lancer RALLIART It is intended for those who are ready to stand out fromcrowd. The division of Mitsubishi RALLIART, which became a symbol of elite engineering, brought the brand to the dominant position in the world rally, and now uses its experience to create premium cars, comfortable and stylish inside and out.

Excellent engine tuning, great power characteristics, automated gearbox Twin Clutch SST, AWC system and a bright appearance - all this will not go unnoticed. There is not enough just a checkered flag at the finish of the race.

Since the first appearance of the Lancer RALLIART on the drawing board, its main distinguishing feature has become the sporting characteristics.

Based on the engineering philosophy of the all-wheel drive Mitsubishi All Wheel Control, Lancer RALLIART combines excellentengine characteristics, adaptive logic gearbox Twin Clutch SST and an extensive set of technologies that will give you the highest pleasure of driving. The idea of ​​this all-round driving pleasure is now embodied in the new Lancer RALLIART body design.

MIVEC turbocharged engine of 2.0 liters capacity

Perfect power in any situation. The engine Lancer RALLIART 2.0 liter impresses with the first depression of the accelerator pedal. Exclusive technology Mitsubishi MIVEC provides the best change in the valve timing, which guarantees optimum torque at low revs and fascinating power at high - when driving on the highway.

To ensure even greater efficiency in the enginea direct drive system for the valve mechanism, a lightweight aluminum cylinder block and an updated intake and exhaust system that increases torque and efficiency.

Turbocharger further increases the engine performance without significantly increasing fuel consumption.

6-speed Twin Clutch SST

The Lancer RALLIART is fitted with a 6-speed gearbox Twin Clutch Sportronic Shift Transmission (TC-SST) with magnesium switches on the steering wheel.

The TC-SST is a new sequential manual gearbox that uses two separate clutches: one for even gears, the second for odd gears.

Each clutch chooses the gear instantly - one clutch closes at the same time as the second clutch, which allows you to switch gears faster than any person could do manually.

Wherein prevents power flow disruption. The advanced technology of choice of gear allowsthe driver switches faster than with any other gearbox. Switching gears with paddles magnesium "petals" allows you to feel like a rally driver.

And if you want to relax, put the switch into automatic mode and let Lancer RALLIART do it all for you.

AWC permanent four-wheel drive system

In the company Mitsubishi Motors, the design and development of cars are subject to the same philosophy - any new technology should increase the overall pleasure of driving.

Mitsubishi Lancer X Ralliart

In accordance with this principle, the Lancer RALLIART received a permanent four-wheel drive system AWC, which uses unique technologies ASC and ACD, providing maximum stability, control and confidence in any traffic situations.

Wherever your route runs - through the city or mountain serpentine - a trip to Lancer RALLIART will always be inspiring and incomparable.

Dynamic Stability Control (ASC)

Dynamic ASCIt allows you to keep control of the car even on a slippery road. It monitors the behavior of the car, determining the moment of the beginning of skidding or loss of grip, and applies braking force and power to those wheels, where necessary, to ensure optimum traction.

In addition, this system actively reduces wheel slip when starting, providing optimum acceleration, braking and maneuvering.

Active Interaxle Differential (ACD)

ACD uses an electronically controlled clutch,capable of changing the distribution of torque to the front / rear wheels from fully free to fully locked, instantly reacting to changing road conditions.

This ensures an optimal balance betweenresponses to control actions of the steering wheel and traction. And since the system works faster and in a larger range than the usual differentials, it allows for greater smoothness of motion on different coatings.

Sports suspension

Incredible stability Lancer RALLIART allows you to drive in a determined manner. Part of the AWC system is wider 18-inch tires with an increased coefficient of adhesion.

To achieve greater control of the car in the Lancer uses a front suspension type MacPherson, and the rear suspension has a multi-link design, which allows for constant contact with the road of all four wheels.

Rigid transverse elements provide high torsional strength.

Mitsubishi Lancer X Ralliart

Specifications of Mitsubishi Lancer X Ralliart

Price classRalliart
Enginepetrol with electronic injection, turbine and intercooler
The volume, l.2,0
Power, hp / rev / min240/6000
Max. torque, Nm / rpm343/2500
Fuel consumption, l / 100 km
City cycle13,813,9
Country Cycle7,88,1
Combined cycle
Acceleration from 0-100 km / h, from7,07,1
Volume of the fuel tank, l55
Maximum speed, km / h230
Length, mm
4 5704 585
Width, mm1 760
Height, mm1 490
Wheelbase, mm2 635
Ground clearance, mm150
Min. turning radius, m5
The equipped weight, kg1 5651595
Gross vehicle weight, kg2 040
anteriorindependent, such as MacPherson with a stabilizer bar
posteriorindependent, multi-link with anti-roll bar
front16 "ventilated disc
rear16 "disc
Tires215/45 R18
Transmission / Chassis
Cruise control++
Sub-bowl switches of speeds
Light alloy wheels 18 "(215/45 R18)
The electric drive of rear-view mirrors
Heated rearview mirrors
Fog lights++
Rain sensor, light sensor
Front sport bumper Ralliart
Rear sport bumper Ralliart++
Lateral aerodynamic covers
Rear spoiler
Adaptive xenon
Headlight washers
Forked exhaust system with muffler attachments
2 front. under. security++
2 sides. under. security ++
Airbags (curtains) for 1 and 2 rows ++
Climate control++
Driver's knee cushion
Front and rear trauma-safety electric windows++
Sports seats Ralliart
Steering wheel Evolution
Leather steering wheel trim, gearshift lever, handbrake handle
C / s + immobilizer++
CD changer for 6 discs, MP3 + Mitsubishi radio (antenna, 6 speakers) + AUX input
Steering audio system on the steering wheel
On-board computer
Heated front seats++

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