Volkswagen Touareg
Volkswagen Touareg - the ideal car for any roads. The car, by the controllability and accuracy of the reaction corresponding to the level of the business class sedan.

New Touareg

Perhaps, this is the kind of car that is created for Russia with its vast expanses. Powerful diesel and gasoline engines. Permanent all wheel drive 4XMotion. Differentials with electronic locking. 6-speed automatic transmission. Air suspension. Anti-lock braking system ABSplus. ESP with the function of drying the front brake pads. And this is not the full arsenal of Touareg.

Confident debut. Presentation of the new generation of the Volkswagen modelTouareg was held in the framework of the October International Motor Show in Paris on the eve of the official launch of global sales scheduled for November 30. In order to inform the launch to the market, this page contains a presentation of the updated Touareg. Get ready for a spectacular show!

The new appearance of Touareg is already noticeable by outlines chrome-plated chrome grille, typical for Volkswagen cars. Among the novelties - new headlights, more organically fit into the design of the front. Adaptive bi-xenon headlights with optional cornering lights are available on request. The refurbished Touareg received improved exterior mirrors and an optimized roof spoiler, which reduces aerodynamic drag.

Touareg became the first Volkswagen car to be installed 8-cylinder gasoline engine with direct injection. The new Touareg V8 FSI confidently combines the excellent economy of the 8-cylinder engine with the FSI direct injection system and improved performance: 350 hp. from. and the maximum torque is 440 N • m. The fuel consumption is 13.8 l / 100 km). The range of engines also includes 2 diesel units with direct injection. R5 TDI with a power of 128 kW (174 hp) and a 176 kW V6 TDI (240 hp). (Fuel consumption: 10.1 - 12.6 l / 100 km).

Improvements have also affected the means of entertainment. Touareg is the first SUV SUV in the world equipped with an audio system from a Danish manufacturer high-quality sound equipment Dynaudio. A carefully balanced audio system,the composition of which includes high- (tweeters), medium- and low-frequency speakers, as well as a 10-channel amplifier with a power of 600 W, creates a saturated atmosphere of crystal sound. External audio sources, such as an MP3 player, can be connected using an optional multimedia connector on the center armrest.

Off-road characteristics

Maximum lift: 100%, or 45 degrees. Touareg feels great onextreme climbs. Where others fold, he confidently goes uphill. As an additional evidence of exceptional off-road qualities, it should be noted the function of retention on the slope, facilitating the starting and stopping at extreme climbs.

Depth of ford crossing - 580 mm. Take the Touareg for a fishing trip. Engine compartment and interior will remain dry even after the car has been in the pond. In combination with an optional air suspension, the Touareg is able to confidently overcome water obstacles up to 580 mm deep. Models with a spring suspension have the ability to overcome a ford with depths of up to 500 mm.

Entry / exit angle: 28 degrees. For Touareg there are no insurmountable pits, it will not get stuck in the ruts of almost any steepness.

Angle of crossing the obstacle: 27 degrees. A rare barrier can stop Touareg. High jaggies, protrusions and even major obstacles this SUV overcomes with unsurpassed ease.

Lateral angle of movement: up to 45 degrees. Touareg is unshakable when moving across a slope. Optimal grip with the surface is provided when driving with a roll to 35 degrees (the roll of a stationary car can reach up to 45 degrees). Of particular practical value is the ability of Touareg to turn and maneuver on virtually any slope.

Permanent all-wheel drive. The nature of Touareg is fully disclosed inoff-road. The 4XMOTION permanent all-wheel drive system provides an ideal distribution of tractive effort, even in the low-speed range of the engine. This means that the inherent characteristics of Touareg are excellent grip and optimum handling.

Volkswagen Touareg
Touareg always keeps the situation under control. Air suspension and Skyhook system, equipped with dynamic damping adjustment, allow you to easily overcome any pits, ruts and potholes. 6 steps of suspension height adjustment provide the flexibility with which the car can be adapted to a wide range of road conditions. You can manually select four fixed suspension heights.

Thanks to the use of electronic lockdifferential, between the front wheels can be evenly distributed up to 100% of the engine power. The slippery road also does not represent a serious problem for Touareg. Different modes of suspension are selected using two rotary controls. Provided for three modea: sporty, comfortable and automatic.

Road characteristics

Touareg - The ideal car for any road conditions and impassability. It has comfort, convenience of management and magnificent equipment under a sedan of a class "Lux".
The V6 FSI engine is a huge traction force. The powerful V6 FSI develops impressive power of 206 kW (280 hp) and 360 N • m of torque in the range of 2500 - 5000 rpm. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h takes only 8.6 seconds. (Fuel consumption: 13.6 l / 100 km).

Overclocking from 0 up to 100 km / h takes only 8.9 seconds (with MCP), the maximum speed is 212km / h. The high-performance 6-cylinder turbo diesel develops 165 kW (225 hp) and a maximum torque of 500 N • m. High tyagovity is combined with impressive fuel economy. (Fuel consumption: 10.4 - 10.7 l / 100 km).

Engine R5 TDI. 5-cylinder diesel engine is suppliedcomplete with a 6-speed automatic transmission. Its high performance characteristics clearly demonstrate the power of 128 kW (174 hp) and the maximum torque of 400 N • m at 2250 rpm. (Fuel consumption: 10.1 - 10.4 l / 100 km).

Powerful bi-xenon adaptive headlights with the system of additional lighting of turnsdeflect the beam of passing and driving light, depending on the angle and direction of rotation of the car. The light sensor automatically turns on the headlights in the dark. When using the Coming Home function from home, the space around the Touareg is illuminated for 90 seconds using headlights, taillights and spotlights in the exterior rear-view mirrors.

Gentle shifting. 6-speed automatic transmission withThe Dynamic Shift Program (DSP) defines the driving style and adjusts the characteristics, adapting to the individual shifting style. There will be a sporty or smooth trip - to be decided by the driver.

Hard body Touareg provides its passengers with a highcomfort when driving on different roads and off-road. For example, potholes and ruts remain virtually unnoticed, which distinguishes Touareg from other SUVs.

Electronic intelligent systems providehigh level of active safety. The ESP system monitors and corrects the passage of the car in turns. The new anti-lock braking system ABSplus has the best characteristics, ensuring efficient braking, even on loose road surfaces.

The optimal tractive effort is maintained by means of electronic differential lock (EDL). The traction control system (TCS) provides an ideal distribution of tractive effort during acceleration, while the engine braking control (EBC) prevents wheels from spinning when the lower gears are quickly engaged.

The useful volume of the luggage compartment of Touareg is 555 l, and with the rear seats folded, he increases to 1570 liters. In addition, with the help of roof rails, you canfix the extra trunk. The maximum capacity of Touareg is 707 kg. The maximum weight of the towed trailer is 3.5 tons. To facilitate loading and unloading, the air suspension can set a minimum ground clearance of 160 mm.

Volkswagen Touareg

Technical specifications Volkswagen Touareg

Total information
ModelVolkswagen Touareg 3.6 V6 FSIVolkswagen Touareg 4.2 V8 FSIVolkswagen Touareg R5Volkswagen Touareg 3.0 TDI V6 (165 kW)
Year of issue2007 ...2007 ...2007 ...2007 ...
Number of doors / seats5/55/55/55/5
The equipped weight, kg223823322247 (2267)2301 (2321)
Gross vehicle weight, kg2945300028502945
Maximum speed, km / h218234188 (183)212 (209)
Acceleration from place to 100 km / h, from8,67,511.5 (11.6)8.9 (9.2)
Minimum turning radius, m---------5,8
Trunk volume min / max, l555/1570555/1570555/1570555/1570
Dimensions, mm
Track front / back1652/16881652/16881652/16881652/1688
Ground clearance---------160-300
A typePetrol with direct fuel injectionPetrol with direct fuel injectionDiesel with direct injection of common rail fuel, turbocharger and intercoolerDiesel with direct injection of common rail fuel, turbocharger and intercooler
Location:Front longitudinallyFront longitudinallyFront longitudinallyFront longitudinally
Working volume, cc3597416324612967
Compression ratio12,012,518,517,0
Number and arrangement of cylindersV6V85 in a rowV6
Diameter of the cylinder x stroke of the piston, mm89.0 x 96.484.5 x 92.881.0 x 95.583.0 x 91.4
Number of valves24321024
Power hp at rpm280/6200350/6800174/3500225/4000
Maximum torque Nm at rpm360/2500440/3500400/2000500/1750
A typeAutomatic 6-speedAutomatic 6-speedMechanical 6-speed
(Automatic 6-speed)
Mechanical 6-speed
(Automatic 6-speed)
Drive unitPermanent fullPermanent fullPermanent fullPermanent full
FrontIndependent, spring, on the transverse arms, with anti-roll bar (on request - pneumatic)Independent, spring, on the transverse arms, with anti-roll bar (on request - pneumatic)Independent, spring, on the transverse arms, with anti-roll bar (on request - pneumatic)Independent, spring, on the transverse arms, with anti-roll bar (on request - pneumatic)
RearIndependent, spring, on the transverse arms, with anti-roll bar (on request - pneumatic)Independent, spring, on the transverse arms, with anti-roll bar (on request - pneumatic)Independent, spring, on the transverse arms, with anti-roll bar (on request - pneumatic)Independent, spring, on the transverse arms, with anti-roll bar (on request - pneumatic)
Tire size235/65 R17255/55 R18235/65 R17235/65 R17
FrontDisk ventilatedDisk ventilatedDisk ventilatedDisk ventilated
Fuel consumption according to the norms of 93/116 / EEC, l / 100 km
City cycle19,219,713.2 (13.6)14.1 (14.4)
Country Cycle10,410,78.3 (8.6)8.6 (8.5)
Mixed cycle13,613,810.1 (10.4)10.4 (10.7)
FuelPetrol A-95Petrol A-95DieselDiesel
Fuel tank capacity, l100100100100

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