Opel Vectra C
Opel Vectra С - one of the new Opel models. Previous model Opel Vectra was one of the most popular in this class.

Therefore, creating a new generation of cars, designers were not only to achieve the success of the predecessor, but also to surpass it.

And they coped well with this task. The new Vectra embodied all the latest developments in the automotive industry.

And although the new car is not at all like his "big brother", he retained all his best features.

Design Vectra C is impressive - sweeping sidewalls, a rounded roof and a massive luggage compartment create the impression of a representative and sporty car simultaneously.

At the heart of the excellent maneuverability and handling of Vectra lies the developed Opel chassis construction, which became a model for cars of this class.

It includes interactive management system (IDS), providing interaction of the steeringcontrol, suspension and braking system. Thanks to the chassis with the IDS, the car demonstrates excellent handling without excessive or insufficient turnability, precise steering response.

Besides, braking distance decreases car and increased stability at an emergency maneuvering. Thus, the IDS system allows you to deal with virtually any traffic situation accurately and effectively.

Opel Vectra C

Technical specs Opel Vectra C


  • Number of beds: 5

  • Number of doors: 4

  • Body type: Sedan


  • Length, mm: 4611

  • Width, mm: 1798

  • Height, mm: 1460

  • Wheelbase, mm: 2700

  • Track of front wheels, mm: 1536

  • Track of the rear wheels, mm: 1525

  • Clearance, mm: 160

  • Own weight, kg: 1460

  • The equipped weight, kg: 1460

  • Gross weight, kg: 1935

  • Cargo capacity, l: 500

  • Fuel tank capacity, l: 61


  • Engine location: Front crosswise

  • Cubic capacity, cc: 2198

  • Cylinder arrangement: Rowing

  • Number of Cylinders: 4

  • Number of Valves: 16

  • Power system: Distributed injection

  • Power, hp: 147

  • Torque, n * m at rpm: 203 at 4000

  • Fuel Type: Petrol


  • Gearbox: Mechanical

  • Number of gears: 5

  • Drive: Front


  • Front suspension type: "Mc Pherson"

  • Rear suspension type: Independent 4-lever

Brake system

  • Front brakes: Disk ventilated

  • Rear Brakes: Disk

  • Brake Amplifier


  • Power Steering: Power Steering

  • Turning diameter, m: 10.7

Operational indicators

  • Maximum speed, km / h: 216

  • Acceleration from standstill (0-100 km / h), sec: 10.2

  • Fuel consumption (city cycle), l. per 100 km: 11.9

  • Fuel consumption (mixed cycle), l. per 100 km: 8.6

  • Fuel consumption (country cycle), l. per 100 km: 6.7

  • Toxicological norm Euro: Euro IV

Opel Vectra C Z 2.2i MT Elegance1


  • Bi-Xenon headlights

  • Front fog lights


  • Anti-lock braking system (ABS)

  • The system of traffic stability (ESP, DSC, ESC, VSC)

Emergency Brake Assist (Brake Assist)

  • Driver airbag

  • Passenger airbag

  • Side airbags


  • Rain sensor

  • Heated rearview mirrors

  • Heated rear window

  • The electric drive of rear-view mirrors

  • Climate control

  • Front power windows

  • Rear power windows

  • Adjustable steering column

  • Headlight washers

  • Heated front seats

  • Adjustable for height driver's seat

  • Supply of warm air to the feet of the rear passengers

  • Rear climate control

  • Front armrest


  • Leather interior decoration

  • Audio Video

  • CD player

Anti-theft systems

  • central locking

  • Immobilizer


  • Diameter of disks: 16

  • Disc type: Steel

  • Stores: Full-size

  • Tires: 215 / 55R16

Opel Vectra C

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