Romashov Victor, Rysevets Maxim - CMS Drupal: content management system

Today, the creation of sites is becoming more and moremore complex task - dynamically updated pages, the need to support many sections on one site, such as forum, mailing, voting, blogs and so on ...

All this leads to the fact that the management of sites forwith the help of HTML-editors, is simply impossible. What alternatives are there? The answer is simple - CMS, or, in Russian, Content Management Systems.

One of the most popular content management systems in the world is CMS Drupal.

Why it? Firstly, it is absolutely free - anyone can download it. Secondly, it has open source code, which makes it the most convenient and easy to use and configure "by itself," and also provides it with the support of the many thousands of community programmers.

And finally, thirdly, - ease of work: almost instantly you can add any of the public modules, be it a forum, the ability to blog or a new theme in the design of the site. The only thing that limited the use of this system in Russia was the lack of Russian-language documentation. However, with the release of this book, this problem is solved. Never before has the creation and management of the site been so easy!

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