Content manager - who is it?Perhaps, for today one of the mostdynamically developing spheres of human activity is the sphere of IT. And IT-profession has long been not limited to programmers and system administrators, as many of us used to think. So, one of the popular professions in the field of web development (creating websites) is Content manager.

Translated from English content - this is the content of the site, that is, those textual,graphic and multimedia materials that make the site interesting for the visitor. People come to sites in search of information, and it is interesting content that makes them linger on the site and, perhaps, even add it to your favorites. Behind selection and placement of user-friendly content and the content manager answers.

What exactly is the content manager responsible for? In many respects it depends on the specifics of the project, which he is engaged in. Different sites - online stores, news portals, entertainment portals, corporate resources - have different content specifics, so the content manager's responsibilities in dealing with each type of site may differ. But In most cases, the content manager is responsible for:

  • analysis of goals and objectives of the site, its target audience;

  • selection of text and graphic information for the site or its independent creation;

  • editing, processing of content and its placement on the site with the help of CMS;

  • maintaining the site news feed;

  • adaptation of content for use on the Internet;

  • regular and timely update of the site;

  • advising site users;

  • resource moderation;

  • tracking site traffic statistics.

You can say that the content manager is handyman. He and the journalist (if you need to write the materials yourself), and the editor / proofreader (if you need to read materials ordered on the side), sometimes - a photographer and graphic designer.

What should a content manager know and be able to do? What are the requirements for it? First of all, the content manager should understand the specifics of the functioning of websites and search engines, be able to work with a lot of information. Add here journalistic skills (at least minimal), literacy, and, ideally, also the knowledge of a foreign language.

In addition, the content manager should understand the subject of the resource, for the filling of which he answers, otherwise he does notwill be able to select topical and high-quality materials. If he fills a corporate site with content - it is important to understand the specifics of the company's activities, awareness of the goods sold (services provided). Profile education, of course, is not necessary. Much more important is the vast erudition and good learning ability.

To search for content besides the ability to work withsearch engines may need to work with photobanks and copywriting exchanges - in the event that the content manager buys text and graphic content from third-party artists. Also he should know foundations of copyright: on the one hand - not to break it, on the other - to deal with violators who steal content from his site.

For the preparation of found graphic materialsNeed skills in working with graphic editors, and when preparing texts, it is not superfluous to know the basics of search engine optimization. To place content, the content manager must be able to work with common content management systems (CMS), because constantly updated sites are based on them. In addition, he will need HTML layout skills.

How to become a content manager? They are not taught in this specialty at universities. Most often, content managers become journalists and philologists, independently (or on courses) who have studied the basics of HTML. The rest of the tricks are comprehended in practice. This profession attracts with its novelty and the possibility of self-improvement in the sought-after area. But such work can be rather monotonous (especially if the content manager does not write articles for the site itself).

Experts believe that the content manager in thethe coming years will become one of the most popular professions: more and more organizations acquire personal sites, and the issue of filling these sites with quality content - interesting, informative and, most importantly, unique - is becoming more acute. Experienced content managers will be worth their weight in gold, so it is necessary to begin gaining experience now.

Content manager - who is it?
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