Justice / Hungry Bunny AttacksFilm "Justice"(Also known under the working title"Hungry rabbit attacks") From director Christmas Donaldson talks about a man whose wife fell victim to a brutal crime, and now he is looking for a way to avenge the guilty.

The protagonist of the film - Nick Gerard (Nicolas Cage). His wife, Laura (Jani Jones), was the victim of a cruelrape. The thirst for revenge, the desire to find criminals to restore justice and punish them for the suffering inflicted on his beloved woman, make the distraught Niko go to extreme measures.

To take revenge on the criminals, Nick enlistssupport of a group of vigilantes (an unofficial organization of professional avengers, disillusioned with justice and in their own strength confronting criminals). However, he faces the fact that some of the participants in the organization are Simon (Guy Pearce) require him to provide them a return service. When he refuses, they hang a murder on him, which he did not commit.

The working title of "Seeking Justice" was "The Hungry Rabbit Jumps". The main roles were performed by Nicolas Cage, Guy Pearce and Jenuary Jones. The film was directed by Roger Donaldson, and Tobey Maguire and Ram Bergman produced it. The shooting took place in the city of New Orleans (Louisiana).

Information about the film

  • Name: Justice / Hungry Bunny Attacks

  • Original name: Seeking Justice

  • Year: 2011

  • A country: USA

  • Genre: action, drama, thriller

  • Producer: Roger Donaldson

  • Author (s) of the scenario: Robert Tannen, Todd Hickey

  • Cast: Nicolas Cage, Jennifer Carpenter, Januari Jones, Guy Pearce, Harold Perrino, Xander Barkley, IronE Singleton, Cullen Moss, Marcus Lyle Brown, and others.

  • World premiere: September 2, 2011 (Italy)

  • Premiere in the Russian Federation: 12 January 2012

  • Premiere in the US: 16 th of March, 2012

  • Duration:

Trailer for the film "Justice" ("The Hungry Bunny Attacks")

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