Smert v pensne

AT Moscow from abroad comes the famous theater director Daniel Sorin, invited to restore his once successful performance "The Cherry Orchard". Producer doubts - "Who today needs a classic Chekhov?", but agrees.

Everything goes well - the feeling flares up to the familiar actress, each beauty gets his main role from him.

But work on the performance is accompanied by oddities: then Sorin discovers tombstone himself, where the date of death coincides with the date of the alleged premiere, then he sees near the theater hearse, then he gets the prospectuses of the office ritual services.

What is it? Are the terrible signs of imminent danger, visions inspired by the artist's inflamed imagination? Or is it true that an attempt is being made? And if so - then what is its purpose?

year 2010

a country Russia

tagline "A modern sequel to The Cherry Orchard."


Alexander Adabashyan

Alena Babenko

Pavel Belozerov

Sergey Bezrukov

Elena Drapeko

Alexander Feklistov

Evdokia Germanova

Alexander Grave

Vladimir Poglazov

producer Anna Chernakova

scenario Alexander Adabashyan, Anna Chernakova

producer Stanislav Nikolaev, Anna Chernakova

operator Aleksandr Karyuk

composer Gavin Bryars

genre thriller, comedy, drama, detective, ...

budget $ 1,200,000

premiere (RF) July 1, 2010

time 105 mins.

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