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Most modern notebook modelsequipped with an integrated bluetooth adapter. Using this modern technology, you can easily share files and data with tablets and cell phones. But sometimes bluetooth on a laptop is not connected. How to be in this situation? Do not worry, read our article, and you will find a solution to this problem.

How to turn on bluetooth in your laptop

First, you need to make sure that yourmodels of a portable PC there is a bluetooth. After all, each specific model of the laptop has its own configurations. Therefore, carefully study the documents that came with the equipment. On your laptop there should be a sticker on which the available options are described, if there is bluetooth, you will see the corresponding icon.

Look closely at the keyboard of yourportable PC, especially to the function keys. Basically on the F3 key is the icon of the bluetooth. While holding down the Fn key and pressing F3, you can turn on and off the bluetooth on the laptop.

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Pay attention to the taskbar, located in theright side of the screen, next to the clock there can be a corresponding icon, with which you can turn on and off the bluetooth. Because it's just necessary to check it.

It is often enough when reinstalling an operating systemthe system "flies" the driver to the bluetooth, after which it stops working. To learn about the lack of drivers, you can by clicking on the function keys or the icon in the control panel, after which the system will tell you about that.

Another way to verify the integrity of the workdevices - this opens the task manager. To do this, go to the control panel and enter the word "dispatcher" in the search string, after which the operating system will offer you the task manager. If you see red and yellow icons near the bluetooth logo, it means that it's time to reinstall the device driver.

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How to update the Bluetooth driver on the laptop?

To update drivers it's best to visitthe official site of the manufacturer of your portable PC, the website address should be indicated in the reference manual of the laptop, and you can easily find it on the Internet. On the official site you will have the opportunity to download the latest and better version of the driver.

If, for some reason, the official driveryou did not arrange, you can run on your PC Driver Pack Solution, which will help you find drivers for all the devices installed on your laptop. You can download Driver Pack Solution from the official site. Run the program using the suggested prompts. After installing it on your laptop will work fine for all installed devices.

If your laptop does not have a PCbluetooth adapter, you can purchase it separately if necessary. Today, this is not difficult, you can buy both in specialized stores, and on the Internet.

The device resembles an ordinary flash drive, manyModern models have just a tiny size. The adapter is connected via the USB port. In the set with bluetooth device is an installation disc with drivers that are designed to work on the most common operating systems (Windows XP, 7, 8). If for some reason there is no installation disk, you can also use the Driver Pack Solution package, which will help you install the bluetooth adapter.

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