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The built-in microphone in the laptop is very convenient, itis already installed and, with the right settings, will be able to provide high quality audio signals in communication through social networks and not only. And it is very important that you can not only see well, but also hear. But what if the sound is gone or is it worse? So, we need to adjust the microphone in the laptop, and we'll show you how to do it right.

Adjust the internal microphone on the laptop

The big plus of modern laptops arebuilt-in camera and microphone. They go in almost all models presented in our stores. Most often they are at the top of the monitor screen. And you do not need to worry about which device to choose, whether it is suitable or not, and how much it will all cost. But if you still doubt, you can check if there is a microphone in the laptop. It's easy enough to do this through the Task Manager. You can also use the following algorithm: Start → Taskbar → Sound → Write. If you have a microphone, you will definitely see it. Here you can solve the problem of purity of sound, strengthen it or choose other properties. Often, most of the problems you can solve right here. If you still do not like the quality of your sound, then you need to reinstall the necessary drivers. They should be bundled on the disk along with the software. In addition, you can see the manual using the laptop. The manufacturer certainly indicated the model and a series of all additional devices.

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How to set up a microphone in Skype on a laptop

Most often a microphone is used for video communicationin Skype, which gives an excellent opportunity to see and talk with loved ones, how far they would not be. It is here that the most common problems arise with the microphone: you can not hear, hear badly or with interference and noise. Setting up a microphone on a laptop in Skype is pretty simple. Open "Skype" and select "Audio Settings" from the "Tools" menu.

Please note: the device you selected for "Sound" on the computer must match the one you marked in "Microphone and Speakers" in "Skype".

In order to check if you are all rightdone, you need to make a test call in the "Echo / Sound Test Service". There, within 10 seconds, you will be asked to record a small message, listening to which you can evaluate the performance and sound quality. If you have not heard yourself or some difficulties, you can use the following video.

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How to test a microphone on a laptop

If you have already adjusted all the settingsmicrophone, you can record to check the result. To do this, go to the "Start", select "All Programs", then from the "Standard" find "Sound Recording". Any recorded message will be saved to the folder you specified. Listen to it and make sure that the sound quality meets your requirements. If this is not the case, go back to the settings menu and try to change them. You can also check the quality of communication through Skype.

With the help of our step-by-step tips, you learned how toconfigure the built-in microphone in the laptop, but if you still have difficulties, it is better to contact a specialist. They will help you to properly adjust the work of your laptop.

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