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Modern society is impossible to imaginewithout such necessary devices, as laptops, netbooks, ultrabuki. They are compact, multifunctional and practical. Most users, once having tested the capabilities of these gadgets, will never return to a cumbersome PC. For even more universalization of laptops, the Fn key was created. Let's see what it's for, and how to disable the Fn button.

Fn button on laptop: location and application

Most laptop manufacturersput this key in the lower left corner of the keyboard. In some models, it can be to the left of the Ctrl key. In any case, for the user this arrangement of this button is most convenient.

The name of the Fn key comes from a combination offirst two consonantal letters of the word Function. On the keyboard of any laptop, you can see the buttons, which have labels and symbols of a different color (most often use blue or red). They are called shortcut keys. They allow in combination with the Fn key to remove the brightness of the screen, change the settings of the wireless network and batteries, adjust the volume of audio devices, enter the laptop into sleep mode.

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How to disable Fn mode on a laptop

Of course, the companies-manufacturers have provided an opportunity to turn off and turn on such a significant button in the laptop. This can be done in several ways.

In most models, you can disable the Fn keyby simultaneously pressing the Fn and NumLock buttons (for devices with a numeric keypad). Accordingly, a second press of a combination of these keys will activate the button.

You can also use the BIOS shell. Different manufacturers have this process in different ways. Some of them need to press a key from the F1-F12 series, while others have to press the device when the device is turned on, and the third button has a separate button (usually next to the Power button). In either case, you need to go to the Setup Utility, and then find the System Configuration tab. In the Action Keys Mode line, you need to set the desired mode: Enabled means to activate, Disabled - to turn off. Then you need to save the settings (in most cases by pressing the F10 button) and reboot the device.

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How to turn on the Fn button

If these methods did not helpactivate such an important key, then installation of specialized software will help. They can be found in sufficient numbers on the Internet. Samsung has "Easy Display Manager", Sony has "Setting Utility Series", "Vaio Control Center", "Sony Shared Library", Toshiba has "Value Added Package", Hewlett-Packard has "HP Quick Launch Buttons" , ASUS has "ATK Hotkey". Also there are universal programs that are suitable for any portable computer, the Magic Keyboard.

The next step is to check for drivers forfunctions Fn. They can be on the drive that came with the laptop, or they can be downloaded from the official website of the manufacturer (and nothing else).

And do not forget to make sure there is no dust andforeign objects in the keyboard. You can clean it yourself or contact a service center. We hope you have no questions left on how to enable Fn on your laptop (or turn it off). Remember that using this key can make it much easier to work with a portable computer, saving your valuable time and reducing the number of movements.

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