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Wireless technologies constitute the corethe convenience of using modern gadgets. Internet wi-fi made it possible to navigate with a laptop, work in any convenient corner of the room, bluetooth technology greatly simplified the transfer of information, for example, from phone to phone or from mobile to computer. But in order to use these benefits of civilization, you need to know how to incorporate these technologies and what to do next. Sometimes in work without the use of a cable there are some problems, the technique does not find each other - this also needs to be able to fight. This is what we will consider below.

Let's start by connecting

First of all, you need to make sure that in this modelhave bluetooth. There are two main ways to do this: look at the labels on the case or look for the corresponding icon on the function keys (f1-f12).

If there are no stickers and badges, you can checkpresence of bluetooth through the task manager. On the "My Computer" icon, click the right mouse button, select "Task Manager" in the drop-down list. When it opens - you can see if there is a device on this laptop.

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If there is a bluetooth in the task manager, then the laptop should have a function key that activates it. As a rule, this is Fn + f6, but you need to navigate by icons.

The device may not be connected due to lack of necessary drivers. They are very easy to download on the official website of the manufacturer of a mobile computer for a particular model.

In the event that there is no such device, you can connect the bluetooth to the laptop with an adapter that can be purchased at any computer store and which is inserted into the USB port.

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How to connect to a laptop via bluetooth

When you are sure that the laptop is equipped with thisdevice, you can solve the following important task, for which, in fact, this wireless technology is used most often - data transmission. Synchronization is one of the most important properties of modern gadgets, all information is duplicated on tablets, smartphones and laptops. You can, of course, use a cord to exchange files, but if you often wonder how to transfer music from the laptop to your phone for music, then every time you look for a cord, the occupation is rather tedious. Much more convenient when the music "flows" to the memory card of the mobile device itself, and not through the cable. And for these purposes, it will be more correct to use bluetooth.

As a rule, the difficulty with the transfer of any datathere is no - on both devices the "blue tooth" is turned on, the visibility is set (that is, the gadgets are on the search for a wireless network). For more correct work on the laptop you need to install a special program for smartphones, for example, Nokia PC Suite. As a rule, drives with drivers are bundled with a mobile gadget, if not - they can always be downloaded from the official website of the manufacturer. In this case, you will never touch the problem that the laptop does not see the phone through bluetooth. And in general, all synchronization will be easier and faster if you use licensed software designed for each particular model - after all, this software was developed for that.

A user who connected thistechnology of wireless data transmission, can exchange any documents, photos, video and audio files with any other devices that have the same technology. An invaluable plus is that to use the "blue tooth" do not need any special conditions, like access points - it is by default in most modern mobile gadgets. And all this is fast and convenient.

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