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The cooler is one of the most important components of a laptop or computer. It helps to cool all the elements of the device and draws hot air through special holes.

Some laptops use powerbuilt-in fan only half and even less. A weak cooling system leads to overheating of the device, which is very dangerous for its operation as a whole. If you began to feel that the laptop becomes hot during operation, the problem is precisely the cooler.

This factor is due to the fact that the operatingThe system does not specifically activate all the fan's capabilities to save energy. To fix this is possible on our own and below we will discuss how to speed up the fan on the laptop.

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Increasing the fan's fan speed

To configure, you will need to download the Speed ​​Fan program. Launch the application and follow the instructions below.

  1. Initially, analyze the temperature parameters. In the window, find the device, in terms of which the excess of normal temperature is noticeable. Several times click on the "Up" arrow, which is near the name of the fan built into the device. Then wait until the desired temperature is normalized for the cooler rotation speed. Then fold (do not close!) The program.

  2. It is possible that this program does not interactwith your operating system. In this case, download the AMD OverDrive application. Especially good this application is suitable for laptops with an AMD processor. Wait until the main menu is loaded, and open the Fan Control tab (located in the Performance Control subsection). Under the image, drag the sliders to 100% and click Apply to set the specified values.

  3. Then click on Preferences, and then onSettings. In the menu that appears, check the tick box "Apply my last settings". This function allows the program to automatically include the parameters you set each time the device is started. It remains to press OK and close the application.

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For a laptop with an Intel processor, it's ideal.Use the Riva Tuner application to increase the fan speed. Below we describe how to configure the settings in the version 2.24c. However, it is likely that the manual will also work for other versions. For proper operation, it is necessary that the laptop is equipped with an NVIDIA graphics card and a corresponding driver.

  1. Install and activate the program.

  2. Then go to "Registry" and near AutoFanSpeedControl put the number 3.

  3. Close the program with the cross or press the exit. Start Riva Tuner again.

  4. In the "Home" tab, left-click on the triangle next to the name of the video card and in the opened menu select "Low-level system settings".

  5. A window will open in which you shouldNote "Enable low-level cooler management". Then choose "Define", set to 100% and confirm with the "Ok" button. After rebooting and checking the performance of the cooler with the new parameters, you can set the automatic mode in the "Auto" section.

Important: At least once a year, the device must be disassembled and cleaned from the inside. It is also necessary to lubricate the bearing. Thus, you will significantly extend and increase the speed of the fan and laptop as a whole.

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