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Of course, not all computer owners andlaptops there is a need to enter the "BIOS". However, more advanced users need to know how to run BIOS. The input on the laptop is significantly different from running the system on ordinary computers. Moreover, the process depends on the model of the device. On some, the procedure is not particularly difficult, and some will have to tinker. The latter include the Samsung model.

The combinations for the entrance can consist of one,two or more keys. On Samsung models, the layout is often limited by the F10 button. This complicates the situation, because to run the "BIOS" often need the key F12. In order to get out of the situation, there is a need to switch the layout of Fn, and this is not everyone's power. Today we will talk about how to get into "BIOS" on the laptop Samsung. But first, you need to study the question in more detail. Let's start with what the BIOS is all about.

Operating system "BIOS"

The abbreviation "BIOS" stands for "BasicI / O system. "This is a memory chip installed on the motherboard of the device.In order for the chip to be able to function, it is necessary to have a battery .In BIOS there is information that makes it possible to test and boot the computer.

If the laptop or computer is working normally,loaded and rebooted, then you do not need to log into the system. However, in the presence of any malfunctions, the reason can be precisely in the malfunctioning of the "BIOS". Also it is needed in order to reinstall the operating system. The main task of the BIOS is to have a boot menu (Boot Priority).

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How do I go to "BIOS" on the laptop "Samsung"?

Then you can go to the main topic of ourarticles. Follow our instructions exactly and entering the "BIOS" does not take much time and effort. Not everyone who launched "BIOS" knows how and what to do next. We will tell about all this today.

  1. When the laptop is in the process of turning on, press the Pause button to display the text.

  2. Now find such a phrase - "Press F2to enter setup. "You can replace F2 by pressing the following keys: F1, F8, F10, F11, F12, Escape.Try to select the desired selection method.To exit the mode, press Enter.blue screen

  3. Now you need to know the marking of the motherfees. Select the properties of the computer through the "Start", click "Hardware", Device Manager and in the list of configurations (configuration) you will see the marking. Write down the title on paper.

  4. Open any browser and enter the board name in the query. Also can be added in the line "to enter setup / BIOS".

  5. After opening the program, use the arrows to move to thesections of the menu. To change the parameters, use "+" and "-". However, other keys may be provided for this. This factor is due to the motherboard model.

  6. What changes to make in the settings - depends onyour goal. It is important to be attentive, since the operation of the entire laptop depends on this data. If any problems have occurred after the entered parameters, or the information has been lost, restore the original settings. To do this, use the command at the bottom of the BIOS program window.

Note: On some models, the data on the motherboard is indicated on a special sticker attached to the back of the laptop or to the battery compartment.


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