How to connect a wireless mouse
Today wireless mice use a largepopularity due to the convenience of their use. In addition, such a device can make the workspace near the computer more accurate. In this article, how to connect wireless mouse.

If previously you have never worked with wireless devices, installing such a mouse may seem rather complicated. As a rule, such a device includes detailed instructions, which will necessarily show the order of connecting the mouse to a stationary computer or laptop. If there is no such instruction, it is enough to perform the actions described below.

To connect a wireless mouse, first find the battery compartment on the bottom of the mouse. Open the cover of this compartment, install the batteries and replace the cover. As for the receiver, it does not require any batteries, since it is powered by the computer itself.

Connect the receiver to your computer. Usually, a USB connector is used for this,However, on sale you can find models of such devices that plug into the mouse connector. Sometimes there are situations where all of the USB connectors on your computer are busy, so you can use a special adapter to connect the receiver from USB to the mouse connector. In this case, you should be very careful, as you can accidentally connect the device to the keyboard connector.

Now it is necessary to make connect the mouse to the receiver. Usually the receivers have a noticeable button for this, and in the mouse there is a small hole with a button that can only be pressed with a needle or a paper clip. Find these buttons on both devices, and then click on them at the same time. In this case, the mouse must be placed as far as possiblecloser to the receiver. Keep the buttons pressed for about 10 seconds. After that, try to move the mouse over the surface of the table and make sure that the cursor on the screen is moving.

Modern wireless mice for synchronization with the receiver can use radio interface, Bluetooth, and some models - even Wi-Fi technology. As a rule, the range of the receiver reaches 10 meters, which is more than enough for comfortable use.

It is worth noting that if you have connected the receiver to the mouse connector, you will need to manually restart the computer. If you connect the device to the USB connector, the mouse can be used immediately. In addition, the mouse andreceiver must necessarily include a disk with software (drivers). Therefore, if the mouse does not work after the connection and reboot, install the drivers, as, perhaps, your operating system does not have components to support the operation of such devices.

However, many Modern laptops are deprived of CD-drivesso everything you need software download from the Internet. For this it will be enough to go to the officialthe website of the manufacturer of the mouse, find the Download or Drivers section, in which, after specifying your operating system and the mouse model, the appropriate driver will appear.

As you could see, connecting a wireless mouse to a computer is easy enough and no special knowledge is needed for this. Finally it is worth mentioning the most famous companies, which are engaged in the production of wireless keyboards mice: A4 Tech, Apple, Asus, Dell, Hewlett Packard, Logitech, Microsoft, Rapoo and Trust.

How to connect a wireless mouse
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