How to make a screenshot in the game?If you are keen on computer games, it's too early.or later, you may encounter the need to take a screenshot (a screenshot), say, to show off your achievements or for some other purpose. How to make a screenshot in the game?

The easiest way to make a screenshot in the game is Use the hot keys, when pressed, the game automatically saves the screen shot in a specific folder. Each game has its own hotkeys, learn themyou can from the guide to the game. But the problem is that not all games have such an option. How to make a screenshot in the game, if it does not automatically create screen shots?

You can use a proven method that works in most programs, - the Print Screen key. For this it is necessary at the right moment of the gamePress this key, and then minimize the window with the game using the Alt + Tab shortcut. Then open any graphics editor (Paint, Photoshop, GIMP, Paint.NET, etc.), create a new file, insert a screenshot of the game from the clipboard (Ctrl + V) and save the file with the screenshot in the required format.

However, this method is far from always convenient, so you can make a screenshot in the game with the help of special programs. One of the most famous programs for creating screenshots in games is Fraps. The program runs on Windows XP, Vista and 7,compatible with most modern processors and graphics cards. The program is paid, but even the "truncated" trial version of the program allows you to take screenshots.

After downloading the program from the official site and installing it on your computer, run Fraps. Click the Screenshots tab. To start, click on the line "Folder to save screenshots in" and select A folder in which screenshots should be saved. In the "Screen Capture Hotkey" row, select hot key to save screenshots. Be sure to check that it does not match other hotkeys used in the game.

In the column "Image Format" you need to select the format, inwhich will save screen shots. But this option is available only for registered users who purchased the program, if you use the free version, you will have to be content with the BMP format.

Also in the program there are two more settings. To activate or deactivate these options, you need to tick or uncheck the corresponding checkbox. The first option is "Include frame rateoverlay on screenshots". It means that the screenshot will show the frame rate.

The second option is "Repeat screen capture every seconds (until hot pressed again)". When you activate it, the screenshots will be done as follows. You press the hotkey, and The program automatically takes a screenshot every few seconds (by default - 10, the number can be set independently). To stop the automatic creation of screenshots, press the hotkey again.

Now you only need to start the game (without closing the program Fraps) and click on the hotkey in those moments that you want to capture in the screenshot. The saved screenshots will be in the folder you selected. Then, if necessary, you can use the image editor to save them in a different format, put a watermark, etc.

Of course, Fraps is not the only program that allows you to make a screenshot in the game. Is there some more PicPick, free for home non-commercial use. This is a graphical editor that supports including the creation of screen shots. You can use for the same purposes and the HyperSnap program. The program is shareware: if you use an unregistered free version, all screenshots will have watermarks made by the program.

As you can see, there are several ways make a screenshot in the game. You can choose from them the one that most suits you personally.

How to make a screenshot in the game?
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