How to process digital photos? Free Editors ReviewIn order for a digital image, for example,photo, you could use, for example, for web design, you need to process this image. For sure, many know the "monster" among graphic editors - a package of Adobe Photoshop. But this software product is paid and not everyone can afford. There is a worthy alternative - free graphics editors.


This free image editor was originallyIt was developed for Linux systems, but now versions of the product under Windows are widely distributed. The functionality of GIMP is almost the same as the famous photoshop. In GIMP it is possible to work with filters, adjusting levels, curves, tone and saturation of an image, color balance, etc. GIMP supports work with a large number of formats, including PSD, although it works with this format differently than Photoshop. GIMP supports a multilingual interface.


Unlike his closest relative,standard Paint, the Paint.NET editor has much more capabilities, while remaining very compact. The functionality of Paint.NET includes the ability to draw and process photos. The program supports various filters, such as blurring or removing the "red-eye effect", works with layers. But due to the fact that this software product has its own format, which other editors "do not understand", it is difficult to export images. You have to convert the processed images to other formats, losing all the formatting elements. In modern versions of Paint.NET added support for the format of PSD and several useful plug-ins.

Image Analyzer

This free image editor is beautifulsuitable for analysis of images. The editor has such useful functions as jpeg filter (designed to combat artifacts from compression in jpg format), and also adaptive noise reduction (for noise suppression). There is also a function for automatic color adjustment, black and white balance, a function for removing the "red-eye effect". Working with levels is supported.

This free software product is quite suitable for simple image processing and creative experiments.


The PhotoFiltre program is free and very compact. The features of PhotoFiltre include a special tool, image explorer, which allows you to quickly and conveniently select images from folders and supports the work with multiple images simultaneously. The program supports only RGB color modes and indexed color. Fans of stylizing their photos "under the old days" PhotoFiltre will allow one click to get this effect. Without additional settings, PhotoFiltre also makes black and white color images well. The program includes various filters, among which there is a special filter for creating frames. In PhotoFiltre there is a special module called PhotoMasque, which allows you to use the prepared mask templates to create the effects of translucent edges on the images.

Of course, the softwareproducts do not exhaust the list of free image editors. And let their functionality and capabilities in something do not hold up to expensive paid analogs, but they allow you to quickly, simply, and, most importantly, free of charge, process images for web design!

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